Peter Goodfellow and the Maori Vote

pinocchio_goodfellowI’ve already apologised to Wira Gardiner for spiking him last board election, as there is no way he would have been as useless as Peter Goodfellow, even if I had good reasons not to want Wira to be president.

During his campaign one of the things Wira talked about was winning the Maori vote, especially the emerging Maori middle class who have benefited from treaty settlements.

Instead of reaching out to Wira, and his wife Hekia Perata, who have good ideas about winning more than 9% of the Maori vote for National, Peter has stuck to his normal modus operandi and done absolutely nothing.Of course the flip side of that is that he hasn’t done anything to alientate existing Maori within the party, but then that is still doing nothing.

There is another plan, that I think was worked out in the 90s. Someone worked out the mathematical calculation of treaty settlements to votes in the Maori constituency was inversely proportional. The more National gave Maori the less they voted for them. There was a theoretical number that National could pay Maori that would mean no votes at all. That at least would be doing something, if that plan was implemented.

Call to Action for vot­ing delegates:

  • Rank Peter Goodfellow Last
  • Pun­ish him for his record of doing nothing
  • Get a new Pres­i­dent, and see the National Party thrive

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  • brucewho

    PG’s a nice guy (good fellow) but no mongrel, no leadership, no charisma. Surely someone’s doing the numbers and telling him it’s time to go quietly and cruise into the sunset with DS and the family