Stephen Tindall Chicken?

Stephen Tindall - Chicken?

Hot off the tipline is the news, yet to be confirmed, that Stephen Tindall won’t be standing for the Super-City mayoralty. Word has it that he will be announcing this by press release this afternoon.

It sounds like despite all the grovelling and cajoling of Labour’s back room crowd Stephen Tindall is set to give them the metaphoric finger.

It is perhaps as well because no man has done more to destroy local retailers than Stephen Tindall and his red sheds of chinese crap.

That leaves Labour scrambling for a replacement candidate for the out of control, happy slapper Looney Len Brown.

Labour are now getting desperate as they see their dream of controlling Auckland whither on the vine of mediocrity.


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  • pwebb

    Utter piffle.

    You are making things up whale.

    Do you ever apologise when you get it wrong?

    • Oh really, and you know different how?

      yes I do apologise in the unlikely event that i get things wrong. Do you?

  • toby

    It seems like the only really viable contender in the race is Ol’ Banksy. Which I’m not all that thrilled about. His grandstanding about wanting to host the Olympic games is foolish and if he seriously tries to put in a bid it will only cost us a lot of money.
    The other contenders are not really viable though, imo. Len Brown is nuts and can’t handle the stress of running Manakau let alone Super Auckland.
    Hubbard has put me off the idea of voting in businessmen as mayors, so that rules out Colin Craig (actually, his ‘March For Democracy’ rules him out as well) and Tindall, were he to run.
    So who’s left? An actor, a comedian and… a water campaigner? Pfft.

    I don’t envy the first Super Mayor of Auckland. It’s not just a case of being mayor for a Really Big City. There’s bound to be all sorts of teething issues and the mayor and council staff are likely to cop a hard time in the press. Whoever gets the job will need to have a cast iron resolve. They need to have political nous. Banks has all that and he actually seems to enjoy being a career politician. I think he also enjoys the power and the attention.

  • glenn

    At last, a level headed look at the options.

    It has been said that the best prople to hold public office are those who don’t want to.

    Toby for Mayor!

  • elevenover

    The tipline is absolutely correct. The press release was abandoned to avoid a fuss, but Stephen Tindall is not standing.

  • megashitstirrer

    I reckon you are turning into a nasty cunt Whale.

    • What do you mean turning, I’ve always been one.

  • pwebb

    So Whale where is the press release? Is elevenover an alias?

    Tindall did not release the press release to avoid giving Whale a story?

    As if …

  • whalewatcher

    Spot-on regarding Tindall.
    I have met, over the years, more than one small local supplier to the Warehouse chain. After a year or so, they get screwed right down on price when a contract is renegotiated.
    Then they go broke. Meanwhile the Warehouse does well out of the product, then turns to China for more stock.
    And as you say, he has killed lots of small retailers.
    But – we don’t have to support the Red Shed.
    Staff usually have no knowledge of product, so I go elsewhere

  • megashitstirrer

    You da man Cam.