The Case Against Peter Goodfellow

This post is for all those that see me on TV3 news tonight talking about the party presidency.

The reason I oppose Peter is because he has done nothing as president. Here is a quick fact check for voting delegates:

  1. 2011 Election Strategy: Peter’s contribution. Nothing.
  2. 2011 Strategic Seats: Peter’s contribution. Nothing. Compare this to Labour’s Andrew Little.
  3. Fundraising: Peter’s contribution: Claim credit for another’s work, the Victory Fund, better known as Peter’s Tax on Electorates. No donations over $10000 in his tenure. No regular one on one meetings with National donors. No knocking on doors. No cold calling. No building National’s donor base.
  4. Candidates College: At the time of writing the candidates college has not met since last years conference.  This was Judy Kirk’s baby, and CYPs need to be called in to resuscitate it.

The question delegates need to ask themselves is:

“What has Peter done for my electorate to help us win the Party Vote in 2011?”

If the answer is nothing, rank Peter Goodfellow last and give one of our proven regional chairs the chance to lead the party by being on the board.

If anyone can think of anything Peter has actually done I am happy to publish it online, provide the person sending in is prepared to put their name to it.

Call to Action for voting delegates:

  • Rank Peter Goodfellow Last
  • Punish him for his record of doing nothing
  • Get a new President, and see the National Party thrive

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