Tindall definitely out of race, never was in it

scaredy cat - Stephen TindallThe Whales spies have confirmed this morning that Stephen Tindall most definitely will not be standing for the Super City Mayoralty.

The editor of the NZ Herald has quietly been informed of his decision. I expect the news will be out soon.

Mr Tindall has said to Tim Murphy, I understand, that he never was a contender and never will be, being Mayor of Auckland simply isn’t on his agenda.

Don’t forget that when you see the news in the dead tree press that The Whale was first with the news and the churnalists are simply repeating.


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  • The dead tree press that gets so liberally quoted from by bloggers :-)

  • Which is not to say that bloggers cannot some times do better than journalists but the main stream media simply has far more resources and always will.

  • robf

    Lost faith in the political correct piece of poor quality toilet paper ages ago. Afraid to report the real news and afraid or incapable of asking the hard questions.

  • poliwatch

    So why didn’t Tindall come and tell you the news? Thereby avoiding the need for you to repeat something that was told to NZ Herald.

  • yeah imagine him as mayor – i can see it now… so i built a massive company that made me rich (all good as we need those for tax / jobs / growth), BUT then he will go on & on about a greener earth and all that crap – what a fucking wanker – he simply added to BS that he thinks is global warming – hypocrite prick

  • mrbob

    Poliwatch has nailed this post perfectly.
    Cameron was told something the Herald was told, and now thinks when they publish it (not done as yet, as it isnt news).. that they are copying him.

    The majority of the posts on this blog, are cribbed directly off stuff.co.nz and NZherald.co.nz, then Cam just add’s his own purile editorial comments and claims it as his own.