Wednesday Weapons – LadySmith .38 Special

hat tip Not PC

Now you may be wondering why I m posting about a girls gun. Well because the RRP of $806 is perhaps the best insurance policy a woman can invest in to deal with armed offenders intent on raping them. The Smith & Wesson LadySmith Model 642LS in .38 Special costs just that. The spec’s are;

  • Caliber: .38 S&W Special +P

    Smith & Wesson .38 Special

  • Capacity: 5 Rounds
  • Barrel Length: 1.875″ / 4.7 cm
  • Front Sight: Integral
  • Rear Sight: Fixed
  • Grip: Wood
  • Action: Double Action Only
  • Frame Size: Small – Internal Hammer
  • Finish: Matte Silver
  • Overall Length: 6.31″ / 16.0 cm
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame
    Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • Weight Empty: 14.5 oz / 411.1 g
  • Purpose: Personal Protection
    Law Enforcement

Again you are probably wondering why I am telling you all this. Well, because no-one ever raped a .38.

One gun isn’t enough.
“That was what Linda Smith (a pseudonym) was thinking after two thugs broke into her Oklahoma apartment. One was holding a weapon … at her throat, and the other was pacing back and forth while holding her purse and demanding her money and valuables. She screamed, and was told if she screamed again, she’d be dead.
“She was doing as police recommend in robberies –- comply with a robber’s demands. But her Lady Smith & Wesson .38 special, which she carries by permit, was hidden in her purse –- and the purse was being held by one of the attackers.
“Then the situation, suddenly, got much, much worse: One of the robbers demanded that she take off her clothes.
“‘Come on, what are you waiting for,’ he told her as he started to yank on her sweatpants, trying to take them off.
“Smith pleaded for her safety and distracted the attackers by telling them she would get her money, which was ‘in my purse.’
“The robbers inexplicably allowed her to drop to her knees and crawl across the floor to her purse, which the second attacker had dropped.
“She reached inside, and the first shot was clear of the muzzle and into the torso of one of the attackers before she even pulled the weapon clear of the purse. Four more shots followed shortly and, in the end, one of the attackers was dead and the second was hospitalized facing a murder rap for having participated in a felony in which someone died.
“Smith … explained she comes from a family that believes in self-reliance and courage…”

As PC points out “…unlike the people who, in New Zealand, have been successful in disarming women even from carrying mace. Or a taser.

Our Police in New Zealand are struggling against violent crime. It isn’t the hardworking guys on the beat that are at fault for the struggle, it is nine plus years of politically expedient Police and Justice ministers (Phil Goff included) denying that we have an organised crime problem. The current Commissioner of Police is no exception, manipulated into his position by foul political actions against his predecessor, he acquiesced to that manipulation and has been perfunctory in his tenure. He has repeated talked the talk and never walked the walk. Instead of cracking down on organised crime he has focused his and his staff’s attention on booze and speeding ignoring the creeping menace of methamphetamine.

Nobody ever raped a .38

Nobody ever raped a .38

Thankfully we now have a Police Minister who understands the menace of organised crime. That however doesn’t diminish the very real risk there are to our generally un-armed population in the face of increasingly violent criminal who themselves have gone and got themselves armed.

Navtej Singh died because he couldn’t protect himself, and died also because the police couldn’t protect him either. Police Officers are being regularly shot at and are unable to adequately equip themselves to combat it. Simply put our citizenry are at constant risk of being raped metaphorically if not physically. The Police on the beat are also left unarmed, sometimes directly but more so with the complete failure of their bosses to adequately provide for comprehensive training in firearms use. Again I don’t blame the guys on the street. I blame the rather large, ever expanding shiny seat brigade at Molesworth Street. they let their troops down with their ill-preparedness and down-right negligence. I just hope that Minister Collins thinks outside of the square in selecting a new commissioner rather than picking of the time-markers currently cluttering up PNHQ.

However, it is high time that our populace were trusted to defend themselves adequately in the face of armed violence. I can see no reason why we cannot extend our B category licensing arrangements to allow open carry, with appropriate and comprehensive training built into such a privilege. I doubt any politician is prepared to see our population protect themselves though, because to allow it is to admit that the last twenty years have been an abject failure in controlling organised crime.


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  • spiker

    Irish homeowners can now legally use guns to defend themselves if their homes are attacked under new legislation.–98813794.html

  • sthnjeff

    I was dismayed to hear Crusher Collins yesterday trotting out the old liner that “he could have been disarmed and his gun used against hm, in relation to the bashed Hawkes Bay constable. The point is and she has clearly missed it, that it is unlikely, that the Crim would have attempted to assault an armed officer.

  • robf

    Navtej Singh died because he couldn’t protect himself, all but one of the defendants got off the murder charge because they claimed they didn’t know the gun was loaded, rule number one always treat a gun as loaded. “the second was hospitalized facing a murder rap for having participated in a felony in which someone died.” The key words participated in. Why can’t we have clear unambiguous laws like “participated in”
    sthnjeff he would have been disarmed and his gun not his radio would have been used against him. What you and crusher missed was that he had a felon in hand stolen car etc. Now I’m not a trained Police officer but my thoughts on common sense restraint and control of a known criminal is you put them into protective custody for your own protection and you never turn your back on them.