An email from N.Z.P.A.

From: Amber Fallow (NZPA)

To: “[email protected]
Hi Cameron,
I hope you?re well.
It has been pointed out to me that you have 2 NZPA images on your site
While we appreciate you using our images we appreciate even more being paid for the use of them.
If you would like to purchase the rights to use these images online then please let me know. Otherwise can you kindly remove them from the site.
Thanking you in advance.
Kind regards,
Amber Fallow
Content Services Manager
New Zealand Press Association
P +64 4 498 5391?? M +64 21 567 040?? E [email protected]
W NewsQuest? ??NZPA Images? ??MediaCom

My response:

To: Amber Fallow

Hi Amber,

Thank you for your email.

I think you will find that the images are in fact a link to your images and as such are being served by your image servers.

On another note, how about we come to a similar arrangement to which Steve Jobs and Bill Gates managed to come to regarding software licensing issues.

Whereby, if you agree not to charge me for the occasional low quality image from your publicly accessible website, I’ll then agree to let you use my content and thoughts (as you have in the past) at no charge for inclusion in your articles.

Thank you

By the way this email correspondence just made you and NZPA famous for being dickheads.

Cameron Slater