Another email to N.Z.P.A.

from: Whaleoil
to: Amber Fallow <[email protected]>

date: Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 2:01 PM

Re: NZPA use of Whale Oil Beef Hooked story.

Hi Amber,

Further to our recent discussion regarding payment for content, I would like to draw you attention to a recent NZPA report about the Labour Party stealing parliamentary funds in order to lie to the public about GST published on August 13, 2010.

This was subsequent to this blog breaking news of the brochure and publishing its contents in its entirety (something no news organisation, including yours, has so far failed to do) a full six days before NZPA. This blog also revealed that the poor islander family struggling to make ends meet in the brochure is in fact well known South Auckland Labour party activists, one with a job on the Wiri Licensing trust, and who is now also miraculously no longer impoverished he can fund a campaign along side George Hawkins for a position on the Manurewa Community Board. The second post was published 4 days before the NZPA repeater published.

This blogger is looking forward to NZPA only using original material. I know this will severely limit your output.

Perhaps your “churnalists”? and “repeaters” could get up earlier and do some journalism for a change.

In the interests of our on-going co-operation regarding content charges, I will waive my charge of $500 for the use of my content. Reduction of annoyance is usually complete with a link and acknowledgement of where your repeaters and churnalists got their story from. You will find that all bloggers do this regularly, with with a link or with a hat tip. Common courtesy would suggest that reciprocity is warranted.

Kind Regards