Cosgrove cops one on Red Radio

Plughead Cosgrove copped one sweet in the chook on Red Radio today when Geoff Robinson called him on his bullshit and he also got a good fist in the face from Crusher as well. How on earth can Clayton Cosgrove advocate the minister breaks the law.

You have to wonder how he can look himself in the mirror every morning. Bad enough with the failing plugs but also now with the shifty twitch that has developed after copping slappings almost everyday from Crusher.

He should just give up, he isn’t even a shadow of Mike Moore anymore, if he even got that far.


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  • reid

    Oh dear, Judith really tore poor Clayton a new one, didn’t she.

    That was just a shocker.

    Here’s a transcript of him at the end: Clayton Crosgrove…

    The Police Minister’s right in that she cannot direct but she can actually you know, sit there and say: “Police Commissioner, can you give me an absolute assurance on behalf of the victims” – because she’s the representative of the community she says she cares for victims that for instance ah – “this constable did pass on information to the Defence Team of the now-allegedely convicted pack rapists and if you can’t give me that assurance I cannot direct you, Commissioner, but I would suggest – it’s your call, that you re-visit this decision and if it is the case…” – the Minister has been in the job nearly two years…”

    Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but is Clayton explaining on RNZ how he thinks it would be a good idea were a Minister of the Crown to have overtly subverted the intent of S.16 of The Police Act which explicitly prevents both the Minister and the Commissioner from colluding in anyway, with respect to police appointments?

  • reid

    It’s also quite disturbing to me, having just re-read it, how glibly it appears to roll off Clayton’s tongue

    “…that for instance ah…”