Labour in Disarray – Laban quits

Labour’s caucus is in disarray as more and more MPs face up to the reality of life forever as an opposition MP. Winnie Laban has shown she doesn’t have the mettle for opposition chucking in her MP credentials for which she was elected, letting both Labour and her constituents down in the process.

A by-election is looming after Labour MP Luamanuvao Winnie Laban announced today she is leaving Parliament for a new career.

The Mana MP told caucus colleagues this morning she would be stepping down to take up the role of Assistant Vice Chancellor Pasifika at Victoria University.

Labour leader Phil Goff confirmed that Ms Laban’s departure would mean a by-election in her safe Labour seat. Ms Laban won in 2008 with a 6155-strong majority.

Ms Laban said it had been “an enormous privilege” to serve as Labour MP for Mana over the last three elections but “I have worked out that it’s time for me to step away from Parliament now”.

I’d put money on Darren Hughes stepping in so he can stop being a scum list MP, the problem with that though or any other scum list MP stepping forward is the Tizard effect. The other worry for Labour is that they are broke and face the prospect of fighting three by-elections back to back just a year out from the general election.

Labour faces the real prospect of going into next years General Election dead flat broke, if not still paying off the last election. Expect the union levies to bite hard next year. If they thought they could win last week, the task just got worse this week and with George Hawkins imminent demise come October and the Chris Cart affair yet to be settled they are certainly dreaming thinking they can win the government benches next year.


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  • abjv

    Phil – 1; Carter – 0. Phil gets the by-election Carter promised, but not in the electorate anyone was expecting. And also one he should probably win. Pity.

    Any idea of which faction she was in and what this does to the caucus balance of power? Would Mr Little have known this was coming up? Guess not. Mana is a lot meatier than New Plymouth in terms of majority for a Labour constituent candidate. It will have its new MP in Parliament a lot sooner than next election, particularly with a leadership ballot not that far away.

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  • monty

    Maybe Darren Hughes would be the best person to fill this role – or even Andrew “threehats” Little. No matter it seems the chicken run of Labour MPs has started to two other potential by-elections in the coming months. That should nicely drain Labour’s already empty purse in time for the 2011 election.

  • Anyone prepared to wager that Andrew Three-hats suddenly finds he’s not as palagi as he thought? A bit of Pasifika in his heritage, and a seat-for-life beckons!

  • abjv

    If 3-hats gets the candidacy, then ipredict’s DEP.GOFF.2010 looks to be a pretty good investment at 13c.

  • I wonder if Maryan Street will put her hand up? It would be prudent of her to get a seat if she wants to be Leader by Christmas.

  • @ BlairM – would conservative God-fearing Pasifika voters back a gay, white female? I’m not so sure.

  • grizz

    Michael Jones for National?

  • mediatart

    Nationals got its candidate , the one they used last time. List MP Hekia Parata, who ever she is.
    You are stuck with her, remember what happened when you picked a star for Mt Albert, yes she got her clock cleaned by the Carpet bagger from Amman.
    News is a bit ahead of the the rest of clueless wonders.
    Goff has said there will be a ‘new’ candidate. So no recycles.
    Plus the fact that by elections are money spinners for Labour and suck money out of National and the others