Lazarus returning

The scuttlebutt about town is a speech by Winston Raymond Peters, 65, unemployed of St Marys Bay, scheduled for tomorrow. It is rumoured to be hard hitting and media are being pre-warned to expect fireworks.

The word out in media circles too is that with John Key announcing that he is prepared to deal with Winston Peters that the time is now ripe for a Lazarus like return of New Zealand’s most corrupt politician.

The contents of the speech seem to be an attack against the Maori Party and of course foreign investment. The oldies and fortress New Zealand thinkers are going to be rarked up the miniature mafioso.

The Media too are said to be pleased because politics under John Key has until now been almost yawn inducing, save for the temper tantrums of Chris Carter and the  rooting of Richard Worth. they will welcome Winston Raymond Peters, 65, unemployed of St Marys Bay back with open arms, forgiving him for his lies, his deceit and his theft of $158,000 dollars.

New Zealand politics is about to become corrupt again and unfortunately we only have John key, or perhaps his inept press secretary Kevin Taylor, to blame for that. they have allowed the message to be passed to Winston Raymond Peters, 65, unemployed of St Marys Bay, that National is prepared once again to prostrate themselves before the miniature mafioso to cut a deal no matter how corrupt.

It looks, indeed, that Lazarus will return. At least it will give me huge motivation for the election next year. I will attempt to make it to every major speech of his and stand and ask where out $158,000 is that his party stole and never repaid.


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  • mediatart

    Who cares ?

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  • whalewatcher

    Why would National need Winston when so high in the polls?
    Is it to keep him away from Labour? Embrace the enemy and keep him close, neutralising his threat?

    I can never forgive or forget Peters holding the country to ransom after, I think, the 1999 election, when he danced with National for months before the election, and the electorate voted accordingly, then he played Kingmaker for many more weeks after the election. He finally flipped to Helen Clark’s side, taking with him his 5-10% of the vote, and most of those suckers were dissaffected old Nat voters who were ultimately betrayed as their National-coalition-intended vote was sold down the river to Labour.

    So why deal with the old hate-monger unless it is to disarm him?

  • Let him wank on to his 35 immigrant pommy followers that live in Tauranga. They are about as relevant as ……………..I don’t know …………, Winston Peters perhaps………….
    Time for bed I’m agreeing with mediatart, the worlds completly mad

  • sooty

    What is it with old age pensioners??? First old Jim down south, now Winey the pooh. Troughers, both of them. Didn’t the get enough to retire the first time found. Do they need a top up.

  • monty

    If Key ever says he would even entertain that most corrupt and vile prick I will never support the Nats so long as anyone associated remains in parliament. There must alo be some other issues you could provoke winston with . Get him to punch/ assault you.

    But here are his problems.

    1. Winnie is a cunt detested by 96%
    2. he has no money to fight a campaign
    3. He is too old
    4 no one will stand with him
    .5. Key will not Need him

  • gaskranken

    Word from the trading floor is no one’s buying Winstones especially with the return the market is getting from Shar-Key’s Sachs at the moment, he’s got the golden bollocks all right.

    And if the AB’s keep up their present form no one will give a fuck about next year’s election once we make the quarter finals.

  • abjv

    Maybe he’s announcing his candidacy for Mayor.

    Or Te Atatu.

  • barry

    Oh – come on you sad sacks.
    Winston is no more corrupt than then the rest of them. Sure he was a bit lax with the details and he got caught out, but he adds some pizazz to politics that no one else can. Hes a genuine character. Goff is a nothing with the personality of a lump of wood. Key really isnt much better really – its just that he comes across as a reasonable guy who (apparently) doesnt spout mantra (as Goff usually does). But Im beginning to think that key is just a good gambler – he sees the odds and bets on them.

    If Winston comes back hes got my vote. Labour will never get my vote, National have pissed me off when they wouldnt listen to 800,000 people saying get rid of the changes to section 59 – while they act on just a few who want the tino flag flying.

  • panda

    Sorry barry , but Winston is the most corrupt…what become public over the Owen Glen saga was only just the tip of the Winston ice berg. One of his bag men was on the verge of spilling the beans (he too an ex MP) but got cold feet at the last moment. If it all came out he would be looking at jail time for sure.

  • robf

    Love him or hate him he does seem to get the attention.
    Does anybody remember the wine box and that if it was not for Winston the biggest fraud on the tax payer would have been quietly buried by both major parties?
    And yes DonKey will climb into bed with anyone if he thinks it will improve his chances of getting re elected. What will history remember him for, populist knee jerk policy flip flops and sucking up to racists. Another poster put it well some time ago “Publicity stunt gone wrong “.

  • panda

    robf, the winebox saga was a red herring. Yes a loop hole was used by some companies in order not to pay NZ tax…to the mums and dads it stunk so the public view was all ways going to be behind him. It was legal in the Cook Islands (were the transactions took place). Winston milked it for all it was worth, something he is an expert at.

  • gaskranken

    Well given the obsession with Dairying in this country maybe the Winstar is the ultimate milk man?