N.B.R. loses its Veuve

NBR ran a competition to celebrate their 40th birthday, in conjunction with Veuve Clicquot. Here in the blogosphere we have had issues before with Veuve Clicquot and their less than transparent competitions. We had suspicions that NBR and Veuve Clicquot would conspire to rob the rightful of their prize.

It is ironic that NBR and Veuve Clicquot utilised social media, including blogs, Facebook and Twitter to encourage entrants to solicit support and publicity for NBR and Veuve Cliquot yet they ignore the results of the ensuing online voting. They have rigged a vote before when they spiked Lisa Lewis for their business woman of the year award.

Yes you heard it here first NBR have chosen their winner and it isn’t Busted Blonde who won by a margin as large as her arse. We are unaware of who the winner is but I doubt it is Liar Joe either considering votes didn’t seem to matter and the simple fact fact he couldn’t spell the sponsors name. This will be a spectacular FAIL, I promise.

We think this is akin to compiling the NBR Rich List and then placing Terry Serepisos as number one because BMW, the sponsor, sold him three cars last year and miraculously got paid, or perhaps picking a loser beneficiary from South Auckland as the Richest Person in New Zealand because they have the most love with 22 children…..hold on that would make Bob Jones number one.

Quite simply NBR and Veuve Clicquot can no longer be trusted as either a source for news or as a decent luxury brand when they blatantly make up rules as they go along and when an outcome doesn’t suit their PR firms pitch for the competition just  completely rubbish the input of the thousands of people who in good faith voted for Busted Blonde, including we must add many members of the media who were looking forward to consuming free piss on someone’s ticket.

The VRWC now places a boycott on Veuve Clicquot and it’s associated brands.

Since 1987 the Veuve Clicquot company has been part of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy group of luxury brands, and today owns a controlling interest in New Zealand’s Cloudy Bay Vineyards.

They strangely think their brand has the following;

characteristics of vision, innovation and tenacity.

In actual fact both NBR and Veuve Clicquot can now be characterised as mendacious, crooked, malleable and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. If I had a subscription to NBR I would not renew it. It is a tawdry hack rag. No further needed is that it has just hired repeater Matt Nippert from Herald on Sunday.

I warned Todd Scott that failure to adhere to their published terms and conditions would lead to an online brand destruction, yet they have continued down that path with attempts to bribe the real winner Busted Blonde with a cheap arse Magnum of their crap product.

Here is the screen shot I took well after the competition closed officially at 5pm, according to their T&C’s

Veuve Cliquot 40th Birthday winner

Veuve Cliquot 40th Birthday winner

Here is the weasel email sent to Busted Blonde today, days after the result was supposed to be decided.

Hi Busted Blonde

First of all congratulations on winning the impressive number of social media votes that you did with your “win your weight in Veuve” entry!

I am told that you feel we changed the terms & conditions of our promotion.

We did extend the entry period beyond 5pm Friday 20th, till midnight Friday 20th, this was to allow for late entries following an ad placed in NBR print last Friday.

I would like to point out that this was the only thing that was changed and as stated in the terms and conditions this was within NBR’s discretion to do so.

With the help of a Veuve Clicquot representative we judged the top ten voted entries based on their creativity and decided an overall winner. This was not a popular vote and, as such, the terms and conditions on the competition page stated that the judges’ decision was final.

The judges have awarded the overall winner to a very deserving and creative entry and this will be announced in NBR this Friday. You are however being recognised as our social media vote winner and will receive a magnum of Veuve Clicquot for your efforts.

Regards Todd

Quite what NBR and Veuve Clicquot were thinking running a social media campaign and ignoring the results of the social media is beyond me, but it will be a hard lesson for them to learn in what happens when you do ignore the power of the blogs and social media that you have used like a cheap whore to promote your products. If you unleash the online world in promoting something expect an online backlash when you root them over.

NBR and Veuve Clicquot can’t be trusted to run a raffle in a bowling club anymore, in future all competitions that they run are to be ignored for the jack-ups that they are.

We feel no obligation to keep NBR’s secret about the hi-jacking of the award. Happy Birthday from the blogosphere.

BTW more people read Kiwiblog and Whaleoil than your dirty rag of a paper, your statistics (these have as much integrity as Simon Ewing-Jarvie) show that. In fact more people read Whaleoil a week than NBR, worse, more people read The Standard than read NBR…..a bunch of anonymous pinko losers who couldn’t afford to buy even the cheapest version of Veuce Cliquot’s rubbish product have more readers than NBR. By the time you announce the jacked-up winner of your crap competition more people will have read this post than will buy your paper, in fact readership of your paper this week may well drop after all the other blogs tee off on you. I bet you website traffic stats have already dropped off after the competition, expect that to drop further now the blogs are at war with NBR and Vueve Cliquot.

You might be able to buy the silence of some of the cheaper bloggers out there with a free subscription but some of us have more integrity than that. In retrospect, when you have your crisis management meeting that you will pay thousands to your PR company for, you will work out that having a whole heap of bloggers on you side and drinking the sponsors product would have been a whole lot cheaper for you in the long run than pissing them all off including your own MSM friends many of whom voted for Busted Blonde. You have guaranteed for sure that your 40th birthday will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.


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  • trevormallardsucksmyballs

    It states quite clearly on the front page “Leave your suggestions below. The best will be added to our popular vote below. Think fast – the competition closes August 20”

    That indicates that its a vote. Id be lodging a complying to the advertising standards.

  • michaels

    Farrar will keep quiet.

  • peterwn

    I cannot even be bothered reading the NBR in the library.

    AFAIK David Farrar got dumped from NBR because they decided to use staff writers exclusively for their opinion pieces, although there were probably ‘wheels within wheels’ with this.

  • The Gantt Guy

    Farrar at least “likes” the Facebook Group. As at this message, 20 people “like” the group. I think it is incumbent on all WhaleOil readers to log onto FB and “like” the group “We drink anything but Veuve Cliquot”.

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  • michaels

    I apologise on my earlier comment.

  • gosman

    Why don’t you encourage Busted Blonde to take this issue to something like ‘Fair Go’? It seems like exactly the sort of light hearted consumer complaint they throw in to the show from time to time.

    You could also mention that, as far as I can tell, there was no indication that they were only looking to judge the top ten contestants until after the competition closed. They could just be making this up. They could have simply ignored the voting altogether and picked the candidate they always wanted to pick anyway.

  • sponge

    I see that they are now backtracking and have given BB the prize as well as whoever else they picked. What a shambles.

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