Parting gift from Chief Wiggum

Howard Broad parties it up

Howard Broad parties it up

It is no secret that Chief Wiggum Howard Broad has no friends at the Police Association and therefore no surprise that Chief Wiggum left the little landmine of his opinion about licencing of police bars.

What Chief Wiggum didn’t tell the media though in his little spin-fest was that he once got so hammered at a police bar he once tried to fly….down a bannister. He broke several limbs. Now he wants to “comply” police bars. That’s a little hypocritical of Chief Wiggum I think.

I think the Police, Fire Service and Armed Forces should keep their bars but let’s have a little more circumspect behaviour on the premises.

The  main problem from what I hear, is that they (the Police) cover up all the damage, be it to the person, the cost or the premises.

It’s not really ok for half of them might be pissed at 9am in the morning – and oh I don’t know slide down bannisters or even shoot a hole in the wall playing Quick Draw McGraw …. the list goes on, I could be here all day, but it isn’t the point.

One thing though that Crusher cold do to help the Police is to install a container bed or 10 at the station so they can crash (or maybe some of these), fireman are fine they have beds, so do the army, navy and the bryl-creem boys, the problem seems to be the police. That way they won’t go home crashing into innocent citizens.

The point is there probably needs to be some transparency surrounding those who enforce the law and how they act in their own bars. We don’t mind cops and such having their bars but they have to behave within the law that they are upholding.

One wag said to me that they’d sure as hell like to see someone, anyone, try and shut down the SAS bar on base.

I think Judith Collins had it right when she said;

“Cabinet has decided that the exemption for our defence, fire service and police should remain,” said Police Minister Judith Collins.

All this fuss seems to be just a parting gift to the Police Association from Chief Wiggum, it’s a pity he wasn’t smart enough to avoid standing on the landmine he set. He really should just STFU and retire without another word. His time is over, and we can all thank the Lord for that.


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