Press Release – The Whale to stalk Williams in Albany

Press Release

Cameron Slater

Cameron Slater Announces Council Candidacy – Albany Ward

Blogger Cameron Slater today announces his candidacy for the Super City Council. He is standing as an independent candidate under the Whaleoil banner.

Mr Slater says “I am standing to keep the politicians honest, and sober. I believe in open, transparent politics, and will stand on a platform of complete openness for all council decisions. I have waged a vigorous campaign against troughing politicians, and you can all expect me to post all details of my council spending online. I will not spend council money on alcohol.”

A staunch fiscal conservative, Mr Slater is standing for control of rates rises, and provision of high quality core council services. He will vote against spending in other areas, including Brian Rudman’s Theatre, which is definitely not a core council service.

Mr Slater’s pledges are that he will NOT:

  1. Piss on any trees
  2. Sign paintings I have not painted
  3. Send drunken texts after 11pm
  4. Send drunken press releases after 11pm
  5. Hold important meetings in bars
  6. Vote to fund Brian Rudman’s theatre
  7. Put boozing with my mates on my council credit card
  8. Stop putting piggy noses on troughing politicians
  9. Punch ambulance officers

“The campaign trail is likely to be robust, and I am looking forward to candidate debates where records of all candidates will be thoroughly scrutinised.

If elected I expect to be held to account by voters,” says Mr Slater, “and I will be staunch in protect rate payers from rabid councillors raising rates to pay for pet projects or areas that are central governments responsibility.”

Mr Slater has Orca signs will available for distribution in the next fortnight. Voters wanting signs or bumper stickers should go to the Whaleoil web site to get their signs and stickers.


Contact: Cameron Slater 021535724


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  • jaghut

    Hahahaha! I would vote for you if I could…

  • steve

    At last, someone to vote for. Where do I get these stickers so I can put one on Williams’s letter box?

  • Good on you Cam! Give the CoCB heaps mate!

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  • Doug

    Just watch it Cam Trevor Mallard is Training a dog called WhaleHunter to be let loose in Albany. You can see it on Red Blert.

  • whalewatcher

    Good on ya!

    ‘Bout time we had another AGS mayor

    I am watching with great interest

  • cadwallader

    Give the idiot hell! Great stuff Whale!

  • medusa

    Good luck, we’d vote for ya if we could.

  • mediatart

    So you are the official C&R candidate ?
    But wait the C-R website lists one has been George Wood for North Shore.
    Spiltting the vote Whale.?
    Is there an apology for Brewer about his candidacy.
    I wouldnt vote for Brewer but I know he would work his butt for the ward as opposed to , well nobody is listed as C-R candidate for Waitemata.
    I see old Sir Barry is a dark horse in Manurewa-Papakura, perchance he is wearing C-R underpants?

    • I have nothing to do with C&R, never have, never been a member. I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but the left seem terminally slow of wits. Secondly I am standing in Albany not North Shore.

      I have nothing to say to Brewer, he turned his back on his mates. I on the other hand have never been mates with C&R. Plus I am not splitting he vote. Linda Cooper is a fine candidate and Andrew Williams is a c*nt who called me a sicko. He will have to own that bullshit everytime he faces up to me on the hustings. My bet is he won’t front, the little Napoleon is a coward. I face my demons everyday, i just Williams would face his.

      As for Barry Curtis he is just a troughing pinko wanker back for another dip.

  • gaskranken

    Let me know when the public debate is, I’d come up from wellers for that.

  • The Gantt Guy

    Cam, I hope to be living back in NZ, in the Albany Ward. Several rellies also live in the Ward. I can count a plethora of votes without me and SWMBO, and I reckon I can get some more as well. Your platform looks good so far (the next Press Release will need to detail what you WILL do, not just what you WON’T do). You’re likely to benefit from an ABW (Anybody But Williams) tea party. I hope I’m back in town in enough time to help out with the campaign.

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