Return of the Living Dead

Looks like another rejected Labour MP trying to find another trough to pig out in.

Mark Burton, so lowly regarded by Labour that he didn’t get back in on the list is running for Mayor of Taupo. This is a man who was in cabinet, but got the arse from Helen. This means all his expenses are online, and will surely become part of the election campaign.

He is also the moron Defence Minister who issued tender documents for a wheeled armoured personnel carrier with the extra requirement of a P3 Orion wing. He literally couldn’t organise a root in a brothel. The common joke around parliament about this hapless politician was when somone else screwed up it was called “going for a Burton”.

The current Mayor of Taupo is a bloody good politician, Rick Cooper. Rick’s most recent news story reinforces his fiscally conservative credentials, criticising his own council for getting away from core business. The TDC built an environmentally friendly house. Without putting it to tender, and without full council approval.

Rick is the first mayor in the country to have all council meetings shown live on the net by web cam. So when candidates are talking about transparency, ask them if they are as transparent as Rick Cooper, and want meetings shown live on the internet. Any politician who is prepared for that level of transparency is one who gets the big Whale Oil Beef Hooked seal of approval.


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