Save the Whale Defence fund Kiwibank account opened

Name Suppression

Cowards hide behind the Burqa of Name Suppression

Ok it is time for all those out there who support my stance on name suppression to assist with the legal bills. I appreciate the months of loyal support as I await the slow wheels of our Justice system to turn. Now I need your cash support, no matter the size, every bit helps, to help with the fight.

It is time to ban the Burqa of our Legal System – Stop Pedos and Sex Offenders from hiding under the burqa.

In just 8 days (25 August) I appear in the Auckland District Court to defend these charges.

I need help to pay the legal bills. The next few days are hectic as I prepare my defence with my lawyer Gregory Thwaite.

My Kiwibank account number, opened this morning for donations is 38-9010-0764240-01, you can also use the online Chipin widget below or on the side bar.

Any surplus funds raised will be donated equally between the RSA Welfare Fund and the Ex-Vietnam Services Association, in honour of those who fought for our rights to freedom of speech.

I thank you all in advance for your support. Hopefully I will see you in court as well.

I have applied to live blog proceeding in the interests of open justice, as well as live Tweet the case as it proceeds.


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  • robf

    This will sort the men from the boys. Yes I will raid the piggy bank every little bit will help.

  • medusa

    Done. Good luck.

  • gaskranken

    There ya go Whale, instead of buying a tinnie I’ve donated it to you mate, good luck.

    Something weirdly ironic about contributing to your fighting fund through a state owned bank set up by Jim Anderton eh?

  • robf

    Don’t know if Kiwi Bank was the right choice went there today to donate and found a queue out the door. I don’t queue well so I left will try again later.

  • laworder

    I have made my donation. This is an important cause, name suppression in NZ must change

    Peter Jenkins
    Webmaster for Sensible Sentencing Trust