The Burqa of Name Suppression lets down another victim

There is another dirty dentist on the loose, un-named despite requests from the victim of his unwanted advances to name him. When will professional organisations, judges, members of the oligarchy and Pedobear Power realise that the public is sick of perverts hiding under the burqa of name supression.

Name Suppression

Dirty Dentist cowers behind Name Suppression

The victim of a Canterbury dentist found guilty of making her touch him sexually while sedated is “horrified” he is still practising four months after the verdict.

The dentist was found guilty by the Dentists Disciplinary Tribunal in May of causing a patient to touch his penis while she was sedated under his care in 2001.

The dentist has name suppression until the tribunal meets again next month.

The woman, who has name suppression, said: “I am horrified … When you are found guilty of something as strong as this and still allowed to practise and make money and make himself secure, that is disgusting.

“I think all women have the right to know who he is so they can make a call whether to go there or not. I am sure his clients would be horrified and not use him again.

“I think the name suppression needs to be lifted and he needs to be struck off.”

And the pathetic excuse from the DDT (isn’t that an in-appropriate, they don’t seem to be ridding themselves of this particular pest) is:

Tribunal officer Gay Fraser said the tribunal’s decision was delayed because of complexities in submissions from the defence and prosecution counsels.

Good grief, how complex can it be, he is a dirty dentist, he has already been found guilty, end. of. story.

The Dentists Disciplinary tribunal gains the Pedobear seal of Approval for covering up despicable behaviour of sex pests.

Name the Dirty Dentist.