Vote for Busted Blonde….or else

Ok we are down to the wire for the pwning the NBR Veuve Cliquot competition.

Joe “The Cheater” Holden is still hanging in so it is time for some VRWC crushing to show him we shan’t  be messed with.

Go and give Busted Blonde the big thumbs up

Now the fat slapper has said she has been putting in the effort on the boil-up so it would be a shame to miss out.

Busted, in between mouthfuls of Pizza, pork and puha, and gobs of cold mutton bird has mumbled that there are 3 places at the party available deserving candidates. To enter in the comp for those places, of which Cactus and I are the sole, self-appointed judges you need to tell us why Cactus and I would want to give you even so much of a glass of Veuve Cliquot and more than a sentence of polite conversation.

Oh and for sure we will be having 2010 Veuve Cliquot Business Woman of the year nominee Lisa Lewis at the party. Can you believe the tight wankers never even invited her to the awards night? If Veuve Cliquot won’t honour honest working women, we will.

Don’t let a skinny ass liar with a body like a half sucked throatie beat Busted Blonde. It is literally a ton of piss at stake here.

Vote for Busted Blonde and not Joe “the liar” Holden.


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  • That voting code isn’t too tight, if you know what I mean. Resetting the router or being on dialup… all I’m sayin’

  • joeholden

    still with the Liar rant……cry me a river slim.

    on another note I am enjoying your attack on Winston, he gave the worst Eulogy ive ever heard at a close friends funeral some time ago which consisted of telling a really crap joke.

    mind you his hair looked perfect.

    interestingly if you read (I assume you can) the terms and conditions of the contest it makes no reference to the votes in any way, it actually says the judges will decide the winner. so really it could be any entry.

    Im pretty sure my poor spelling (still can’t believe it myself) put me out of the race on day one. that roses are red denim is blue poem looks like a contender though.

    good luck busted blonde who ever you are.

    one closing thought. I have 70 friends on face book you have 700, I assume thousands more read this moderatly interesting blog. why doesnt busted blonde have thousands of votes? on a per capita basis I have whipped your sorry arse big time.


  • gosman

    If you pick me we can swap stories on what a large ego a certain person whose community service television panel discussion show you recently appeared on has.

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