Would someone please tell the hand-wringers to take a hike.

Farrar is outraged. It is his best post since the 2008 election.

The Herald reports:

Calls are increasing for skiers to be required by law to wear a standards-approved helmet on the slopes following a number of fatal skiing accidents.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

This is exactly how we feel when English or Pedobear do something stupid, only The Penguin gets wound up over ski helmets!

Penguins may hit the slopes but I doubt he’s ever been near a skifield.


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  • titanuranus

    Fucking BAN it,
    fucking Ban everything.

    That should be our new national anthem.
    What a sad fucking shithole this place has become.
    Don`t you fucking dare try to enjoy yourself……..selfish pricks.

  • anaru

    You can’t tell me people give that much of a fuck about the general skiing population that they will look to regulate helmet use on ski fields!

    Over-protect your own family members and leave the rest of us alone!

    People who come up with this sort of non-sense typically breast feed their kids to age 5 and home school them to age 18!

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  • robf

    Remember when plastic hats for push bikes became compulsory to stop the genocide on the roads. Last time I looked other road users still run over them with regular monotony.
    Lift the driving age from 15 to 16. 15 year olds must account for most of the road carnage.
    Ban lolly scrables for kids in case somebody misses out.
    All populist nanny state rubish.
    Shit still happens.