And the spraying continues

Andrew Williams is on a bender for sure as the pressure mounts. When he isn’t spraying trees in Takapuna he is spraying all over Facebook. It’s like he has discovered a new form of txt messaging. Only a complete moroin would post on David Farrar’s wall. Virtually the whole world can see his narcissistic bully boy attitude now.

Andrew Williams sprays more than Trees

Andrew Williams sprays more than trees

The man is a nasty little bully and doesn’t like it when someone stands up to him. He complained to the Police, sent 10 emails between 2 and 3am to them and issued press releases about it in an attempt to shut me up. The Police confirmed with me the other day that a complaint had been laid but no offence had been committed and as such they would be taking no further action.

Now faced with someone calling his behaviour to account he is now spraying abuse all over the internet and defaming someone I have met only at candidate meetings and has today called for my removal from the ballot paper because according to him “I’m not a serious candidate”.

Well I have news for Andrew Williams, I am deadly serious as a candidate….at removing him from the council. He is a disgrace.

When I confronted him him about his appalling comments about welfare beneficiaries he refused to talk, preferring to shelter behind the skirts of a woman. Like all bullies when confronted, Andrew Williams cut and run.

Vote Slater for Albany and rid Auckland of his antics.

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest


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  • trevormallardsucksmyballs

    I do wish that the press would get hold of this and comment on his bully boi tactics, and unsubstantiated slurs.

    The voting public need to know what slime the cock is – Vote Slater !