But will the girls get paid

There is much fuss and bother over the proposed brothel to be established over the road from the Sky Tower.

There is certainly a great deal of NIMBY-ism going on. The simple fact is that brothels are legal and if not across the road from another den of inquity in the form of a casino then where?

Do we now need to start considering an Amsterdam style red light district?

However a check of the key players suggests that this brothel may well not be in business for long.

Sex industry magnates are to open a “massage” club directly opposite the Sky Tower and flanked by residential buildings and shops.

In a move which has stunned nearby retailers, millions of dollars have been spent to turn the Palace Hotel pub, on the corner of Victoria St West and Federal St, into a new adult venue.

Wellington brothel owners John and Michael Chow bought the run-down building for $3.3 million, saying they hope to cater for the needs of visitors, gamers from the SkyCity Casino and tourists.

I’m wondering if the John Chow is the same John Chau in this article about Naked News Korea. My sex industry sources say that he is and that he is bad news;

After barely a month of operations, Naked News?Korea?is apparently winding up and with four of its remaining presenters expressing, ?We will fight to the end against?Naked News Korea for lying to us and the nation.?

Naked News Korea presenters Choi Sun Yi, Han Min Kyung, Lee Se Yeon and Jin Jae Kyung held a press conference on 30th July, ?We became presenters for Naked News Korea despite getting criticisms from our parents, relatives and friends. The owner, John Chau seems to be acting with only his own interests in mind and had operated the business with the intent of committing fraud. All of the money has went into his own pocket.?

Naked News Korea had ceased to provide news updates last week due to internal issues which included owning the 9 presenters and other staff about 2 -3 months of wages among others. 5 of the original nine presenters have already left the company, with only four remaining behind before everything erupted. All of the staff have no clue about what?s going on and could only say that they have been cheated by John Chau. The matter has been been bought to the attention of the Labor Ministry while the police have also started investigations into fraud allegations against John Chau.

And I wonder if the John and Michael Chow are the same John and Michael Chow who are sponsoring the Wellington Saints.

John and Michael Chow with Pero Cameron

John (left) and Michael (right) Chow with Pero Cameron (centre)

Sex Industry sources I have spoken to today confirm that these two are behind the new venture.

Massage – yea right. Sure seems to be an influx coming, it will be a haven for illegal immigrants – they will take the passports like they do at Mermaids Wellington and il Bordello and create a drama – the Wellington CIB are well aware of the games they play – but guess when you pay you can play – and the council must be getting a huge back hander.

The sex industry is not happy with these two, their business methods and the way they treat the girls. As I get more information I will update this post, but ot seems that there are not a lot of happy campers. The real owners of The Establishment ?and other major brothels probably won’t like the developments either so watch this space.