Get Well Matt

Matt McCarten has cancer.

It can be boring when someone talks about themselves. Today I’ll take the risk.

I know I get into scraps and sometimes overstep the mark in clipping my opponents – and there’s always a few of them waiting impatiently for my demise.

They may not have to wait too much longer. I was diagnosed a year ago with the killing kind of cancer.

I’m only sharing this as the news seems to be getting out and some people seem to think I’ll soon be taking to my bed and softening my political views.

No such luck, I’m afraid. Most cancer sufferers think they can beat the odds. Why should I be any different?

Matt and I have always been on opposing sides of just about everything, but  he, like Chris Trotter, deserve respect for their principles and integrity. I hope and will pray he recovers from his cancer to give us all many more years of opinion. Even if I will continue to disagree with him.


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  • kehua

    Amene, go hard Matt.

  • Have blogged similar sentiments WO; If anyone can take the fight to cancer, it’d be Matt McCarten.

  • gaskranken

    To Matt and Whale,

    I remember hearing a, `I beat cancer’ story a few years ago and I don’t know whether it’s true or not, might be one of those stories that’s done the rounds of many kiwi parties but anyway goes like this….

    This guy living at the mount a while back reckons he beat the cancer he had by spending about 4 hours a day completely focused on imaging his cancer cells were alien space craft and he needed to shoot them all. Spent the best part of the day doing what a lot of tech heads do in front of a screen all day anyway.

    I have no idea whether this has any substance but if I should ever have a Big C newsday like you guys that will be the day I start getting into shoot`em’ up video games I reckon.

    I mean what’s the harm and it wouldn’t interfere with the chemo would it?

    And hey maybe it’s less toxic than concentrated shots of Vitamin C?

  • 666nzpr

    To Matt , So sorry , oh well never mind.
    I heard that to cure your type of cancer all you have to do is this:
    1.Stand out on Queen Street for 48 hours in the nude and recite all of Milton Freidman’s books , quotes and spoken words.
    2.Get up at 5.00 am in the morning and milk 180 cows , fix 300 meters of fencing , repair a water pump , go milk the cows again at 5.oo pm , go to bed then do it all over again for 3 months.
    3.Tell all your marxist stalinist dog turd mates to repent , lay down their keffiyahs and dreadlocks and start their own business , get a job and shut the fuck up!
    I hope you have life insurance m8 , cause i don’t want to be paying for the treatment of your rotten twisted soul. ,.I..

    • That is completely disgusting and un-necessary. no one wishes cancer on anyone else…well..except you. With that much hate it’s a wonder you haven’t got it.

      Please refrain from such comments again.