How's that Global Warming feeling

Bomber accuses me of being a “denier”.

In reality he is the one who is a denier. Just have a look at all the evidence before us over the weekend that that warming feeling just isn’t coming anytime soon.

Southland farmers told to dump milk – because of massive snow falls in spring

Snow bad news for sheep farmers – because of massive snow falls in spring

Roofs collapse under weight of snow

Snowy Invercargill from the air

Southland businesses urged to stay closed

Federated Farmers president and Southland sheep farmer Don Nicolson said in all his life in the area he had only seen one other snow event like this, and that was in the middle of the 1996 winter.

“This couldn’t have come at a worse time for farmers. I have never had conditions in the middle of lambing quite like this. Snow isn’t normal for Southland as most people think – we don’t have penguins running up our main streets.”

To top it all off more and more people are starting to realise that there is sweet f.a. we can do about “climate change” and the money the government wants to steal off us to do it would be better spent elsewhere.

The proportion of people agreeing that climate change was a serious issue fell from 42.6 per cent last year to 36.3 per cent, the survey showed.

Ironically the Chinese have done more for improving air pollution by switching off their factories for a week than we could in an entire year. I am yet to see calls for the wholesale stopping of our industry so that we may be a bit cooler.

The simple fact is that we are still a whole heap cooler than the medieval warming period and economies flourish when the climate is warm. So?excuse?me for not giving a toss, “climate change” simply isn’t the world ending chicken little scenarion mad idiots like Bomber think it is.