Know your Union Scum – Matt Jones

It’s no secret that I like Matt McCarten, that is because he doesn’t lie, he tells it like it is and fights the fight he believes in.

Not so Matt Jones, a little union creep, that instead of pitching in and helping re-build Christchurch he is running around trying to push struggling businesses under with his little campaign of lies and spin.

On a weekend when we should be celebrating the life of a true Kiwi hero we have our main news networks airing the views of this union scum. It disgusts me that our news media think that a chinless union bully-boy is more news-worthy than the passing of a true Kiwi hero. It seems that our Kiwi War Hero is only a hero in Australia, while here the media focuses on lying politicians and lying union scum.

Matt Jones is the kind of unionist that gives good unionists a bad name.

You know he is a creep because he has that little flavour saver where his chin should be.


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  • And it seems as though in time-honoured union fashion, Comrade Jones didn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story …

  • theresaj

    They knew before the march that certain things were untrue or resolved but decided to ”meet there anyway.” Their rent a crowd is a group of mainly young people who are part of a group called ”Beyond Resistance.” These people are anarchists whose stated aim is the overthrow of the state. They should be investigated. They are involved in every protest in ChCh.

  • cadwallader

    I think the term “good unionists” is on the optimistic side of rational evaluation. I think the best solution here is to ignore this lying moron and his unworldly coterie.

    • I disagree Cadwallader – this guy is trying to cash in on the Christchurch earthquake by disseminating an “all bosses are arseholes” message, when there are some businesses employing UNITE members which will never reopen. Instead of doing something positive and mobilising UNITE members to help with the clean-up he has spread misinformation, and made mischief using standover tactics and the threat of public humiliation. He needs to be named and shamed himself.

      • grizz

        Union Members helping an employer keep a business open in order to protect jobs. What has this world come to. No, fair pay for fair work irrespective of a freak natural calamity. Those arsehole employers profiting as they go bankrupt and close the door for good.

      • cadwallader

        Fair enough inventory2 but you and I both know these pricks wouldn’t do anything as useful as that!