Len Brown endorses Andrew Williams for Mayor

At the North Harbour Mayoral Debate this afternoon Len Brown endorsed Andrew Williams at least as his deputy.

Mike Hosking was chairing the meeting. Len Brown was sitting in the middle and flanked by Andrew Williams on his left and John Banks appropriately on his right.

They were answering questions, pretty much they were the standard and then Mike Hosking threw a curve ball.

He asked “If you were to die, who of the other two candidates would you want to be mayor instead?”

Andrew Williams answered first and was unequivical, given his prior arrangement with Len Brown. He wholeheartedly endorsed Len Brown.

Len Brown was second, and he dithered and prevaricated, complained that the question was tough and then finally when pressed endorsed Andrew Williams.

Make no mistake, Mike Hosking has finally flushed out the cosy deal between Andrew Williams and Len Brown. Len Brown now suggests that Andrew Williams would be a fine choice for when in the likely event he drops dead of a heart attack.

John Banks meanwhile answered a ridiculous question with an equally ridiculous answer, he said vote for Tim Shadbolt.


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