Nice try but wrong again

The anonymous cowards and paid lap-bloggers at The Standard have tried again to smear me as being part of National.

They must have missed the part where I told them to get fucked.

Once again they are demonstrably wrong especially in their assertions over Jim Anderton.

The timeline is against them.Not even a Timelord could construct what they have said happened.

NewstalkZB ran the Jim Anderton Earthquake story in the morning, it was repeated on the NZ Herald website (but like good little repeaters they deleted the reference in order to appear innocent), then David Farrar posted about it on September 5th, 2010 at 4:12 pm. Russell Brown even tweeted it before Farrar had posted, complete with a link to the NZ Herald at 3:23pm on September 5th, 2010.

My post, complete with video was posted Sep 5, 2010 @ 21:27. Some 4 hours after Farrar posted it.

To now suggest as Bomber and The Standard have that it was me that misled the public into thinking Jim Anderton said that it would take an earthquake for him to lose in Christchurch stretches the truth and the fabric of time that only the possession of Tardis could have enabled me to do what they said. I was at the end of a very long line of people including Russell Brown who perpetrated what has now become an urban myth.

What a bunch of humourless, lying twats. The fact that Anderton was too bewildered to even refute what NewstalkZB said to him shows just how funny this has now become. They moan about not being taken seriously but fail spectacularly with important things like facts.

Is it any wonder that no one listens to them when they can’t even get a decent hit on.


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  • Since when has anyone at The Standard been remotely concerned about the truth?

  • adolffiinkensein

    Yes Whale, these fellows are indeed moronic dickheads if they think the National Party research unit would feed information to someone who has consistently denigrated at least three of the current senior cabinet ministers, excoriated the party over its ETS policy and Fiji policy and carried on a vendetta against various party officials.

    But then, what else would you expect from these guys? They are so far up themselves they couldn’t find their way out with GPS..

    When did you last hear of the news media seeking a comment from someone at the Standard? The Who? The What?

    That’s really what they’re sqealing about. Nobody knows they exist. Just like Filk Off.
    Laarrrrffff my aaaaarrrrse off.

  • lulu

    I read the comments on The Standard. For them to be so vociferous and so irrational they clearly accord you a great deal of credibility. Individual comments don’t stand up to any scrutiny at all. Misguided dickheads. I might start a fan club. I will call it Whale Oil Be Cherin Firya.

    • lulu

      No wait, I will call the fan club
      Whale Oil Beach Hearing Fork Ham

  • thor42

    Fuck. Why don’t Newstalk ZB and the other Anderton-loving retards out there have a whip-around and get him
    a new walking-frame? If they raise enough, they might even be able to pay for his first day in an oldies’ home.
    Nah, on second thoughts, scrub both of those ideas. “Triple-Dipper” Jim has more than enough dosh to
    pay for a walking-frame and a room in an oldies’ home.
    A better idea – now that the boy-racers in Chch are having the squeeze put on them, get them to cruise around to Jim’s place and rev their engines all night. A few donuts and drifties on the front lawn wouldn’t go amiss either.
    It’s a win-win – they get to have fun, and we get to have Jim pissed off.
    This cunning plan has the bonus of saving us all a shitload of “paid-by-taxpayer” MPs golden super pension money if Jim expires in an apoplectic rage…..

  • pwebb

    But Cameron you did create a fraudulent video and put it on the web. If Inventory is so concerned about the truth he should have a word with you because you created and spread around a lie.

    Why is it so relevant that you were not first? A lie is a lie …

  • it’s called political S A T I R E

    • pwebb

      No it is called a lie. If the left wing did this you would be outrageously indignant.

      • lulu

        pwebb can you please connect the dots. WOBH produced the video after everyone had run the gag. He didn’t create the “lie” . He produced a funny video of it. Got it?

        • moab

          Yes pwebb, whale oil was just being one of those hated repeaters he keeps going on about. Don’t you get it? He was just being a repeater!

      • Helen Clark fell on her arse, made a video, laughed, the left wing were horrified, John Key fell off a stage, broke his arm, I made a video, laughed and the left wing laughed too.

        You guys clearly, not only give up your souls to socialism but also your humour.

  • Agent BallSack

    Every one of the leftists has attacked the Whale personally in those posts, smeared innuendo or generally acted as ill educated as Labour supporters can be. No wonder I no longer vote Labour, Act, Greens or National. ALCP is the only party that allows me to read the posts on the Standard in the vein in which they were written ~ half brained comments from sore losers. ROFLMFAO puff puff pass

  • john

    so that would make you the 5th repeater?