Run him out of town

This man is a disgrace. He should be tar and feathered and made to live…well….anywhere but near real soldiers.

Gordon Tisdell is a broken man. For a decade he has been the public face of Anzac and Remembrance Days. His photograph has run in Life magazine; in the Australian, where he claimed to be a Vietnam veteran; in the Herald, as a survivor of Long Tan.

In 2006, his portrait was among the finalists in the Olive Cotton Award. It was titled Shadow of Remembrance.

The problem is, Tisdell never served in Vietnam, or any other war. His name is nowhere on the nominal roll. When the 6 RAR was in a pitched battled against the Viet Cong, he was on a dairy farm outside Gloucester.

My FIL was in the Battle of Long Tan, I take this bloody personally.

‘We can do without pricks the like of Gordon Tisdell,” the acting secretary of the 6 RAR Association and a veteran of Long Tan, Graham Smith, said yesterday. ”By doing these things he robs the honour from people who are quite happy to be understated. They are impostors of the lowest order. It’s like stealing someone’s identity.”

Too bloody right. Nothing is good enough for this imposter.

The Herald tracked Mr Tisdell to his Department of Housing flat in Petersham. Confronted with his deception, he was stricken with remorse and denial.

”I’ve never been a fraud in my life; I was just wearing my relatives’ medals,” he said. ”Defence came here today to see me. They said I’m not allowed to say anything. They brought the photographs out and showed them to me. They said not to say anything otherwise I get six months in jail.”

Put him in the slammer anyway, he’s an arsehole, pissing on the graves of good men.

He must be a special kind of stupid though because Long Tan is so famous the list of those involved is tiny. Perhaps he should be tarred and feathered then dragged behind 6RAR in chains next Anzac day.


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