The police are going to be busy enforcing orders no-one knew about

So an MP and his charges are subject to a suppression order yet the media is in a freanzy actually breaching the law as set down by Judge David Harvey tomorrow.

Boy the Police are going to be busy….or are they.

This is yet another case of name suppression being used to protect the establishment, in this case a lawyer, who became an MP.

The law is an ass. If TVNZ aren’t charged and every other media outlet and blog that mentions the name of the MP inrelation to these charges then clearly my case was just a show case so that the Solicitor-General, the establishment and Simon “FIGJAM” Power can all say they were upholding the law.

I wonder of Philip Morgan QC will be calling for police prosecutions regarding this news.

Again it brings into question as to how you can know about an order when you aren’t allowed to know about it.

The law is an outrage. It is used by the establishment to protect their own.


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  • noleftie

    Those media organisations that waited until Garrett made his personal statement to Parliament and reported what he said to the house are free to reveal the suppressed information as they are covered by Parliamentary privilege. However the ones that went off the tip off they received, might be in trouble.

    I’m guessing the person supplying the tip-off didn’t know or care about the permanent suppression order.

    You have to wonder if the police will go after Guyon Espiner with the same vigour.

  • It is surely all about the numbers. It will sell papers and make the Media money so it is how much money they will make versus a fine of $750.

    Perhaps the media have done the math and realised that it is cheap enough to risk OR they realise that it was a witch hunt and only your Blog is in danger of being targeted in the future.

  • lordmontrose

    What is the name of the judge who gave the permanent suppression order and why did he/she do that?

  • robf

    Have you failed to appreciate the differences here? Your case was not about name suppression, but bringing our broken arse justice system into disrepute. Name suppression was just the vehicle used.

    You chose to fight your civil disobedience case through the very system you are protesting about, doomed to failure. You may have to take the fight a bit closer to home.

    Yes to the judges homes.

    It seems very clear in this latest case that it is a second rate politician not the justice system being brought into disrepute. I would be very surprised if the police, lacking a covert direction from the powers to be, will look once let alone twice at the alleged breach of name suppression. Just to be sure this is the case, the suppression will be lifted.