Where'd I leave my bulldozer

Today in the Herald we see a veritable list of liberal elite luminaries who are prepared to lay down their lives in fornt of bulldozers for someone else to pay for their pipe dreams but not dip into their own pockets.

Top English actor Sir Donald Sinden has threatened to lie down in the path of demolishing bulldozers to save the historic St James Theatre.

The 86-year-old, who last visited Auckland eight years ago, said all civilised people should gang together to prevent such desecration.

“How dare they even think of pulling down the great St James Theatre. Philistines,” wrote Sir Donald in a letter backing protection of the theatre.

The stage and screen actor, most recently known for his role in Judge John Deed, is one of many international and national arts luminaries who have called for the theatre to be saved.

Instead of writing letters, how about tossers like this guy, start writing cheques to keep their dream alive. This is just typical of the liberal elite, always expecting other people to pay for their lifestyles, careers and misty-eyed dreams.Instead of lying down in front of bulldozers he could perhaps cough 1/80th of the estimated $80 million that he suggests be picked from ratepayers pockets, after all he has made literally millions from a lifetime in theatre and movies.

Other actors who have lent their support include Sam Neill, Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian McKellen, multi-award winning actress Dame Judi Dench and Poirot’s Sir David Suchet.

How about a million from each of them too? If the St James is so important to them let’s start getting cheques. How much was Sir Ian McKellen paid for Lord of the Rings? How much of that was footed by the taxpayers of New Zealand in the form of subsidies to veteran arts beneficiary Sir Peter Jackson?

Sam Neill is a classic liberal elite and the worst kind of nimby. If we picked their pokcets instead of ratepayers we’d already have $5million raised….and there are plenty more targets,

Baron Andrew Lloyd Webber said “yet another wonderful theatre [is] under threat”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is hardly short of coin. Let’s stiff him for a fiver, that rounds out donations to save the St James at $10 million. But they won’t pay of course, because they only believe in saving something just so long as some one else pays. In fact how about his arts and culture foundation just stump up the whole lot by selling just one of his paintings?

As of March 2010, Webber has made the decision to auction off a piece of rare Pablo Picasso art to benefit his arts and culture foundation. The piece comes from Picasso’s blue period and will be auctioned at Christie’s in June. The name of the painting is Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto (The Absinthe Drinker) and was painted in the year 1903. Experts estimate that it could sell for as much as $60 million.

See, this is what gets my goat….this guy has literally millions of dollars (actually at £750 million it is more like a billion dollars) made from “arts” and “culture” but expects other people to fund a tatty old building.

The Sunday Times Rich List 2006 ranked him the 87th-richest man in Britain with an estimated fortune of £700 million. His wealth increased to £750 million in 2007, but the publication ranked him 101st in 2008.[

Well stuff the lot of them. If they want the St James saved then create a charity and go pick the pockets of people who actually care rather than the unfortunate ratepayer. Between all those multi-millionaire letter writing arts fans surely they can stump up at least some of the cash and put their money where their big mouths are.

Meanwhile I’ll just get my bulldozer started up.


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