And we have a winner

The Herald have tracked down the trougher who scammed an extra $9000 of travel that he wasn’t entitled to. It is Alec Neill.

Like all troughers he is squealing, like the greedy little piggy he is, over rule changes.

Mr Neill said Parliamentary Service decided in 2002 his two part-terms were the equivalent of a full term so he qualified for the 60 per cent rebate. But this May he was told there was a review of all travel concessions and he did not qualify.

“They’re now taking the high-handed approach that I wasn’t there for three full terms. From my point of view Parliamentary Service made a correct, commonsense decision and now some new broom has chosen to make his mark and change the rules.

“I’m somewhat frustrated by that but I can’t see what I can do about it.”

He said he rarely used the rebates, spending $9000 over eight years mainly on trips to Australia to see his grandchildren. He said Parliamentary Service had not asked for the money back and he did not believe it should.

“What piddles me off is you can’t just go and start a new career or international job because you’re next on the list. That happened to me twice. To find out eight years later that some smart alec has changed the rules and stopped my concessions is somewhat disappointing.”

Oh how pathetic. All woe is me and crying a river. The entitle-itis is quite advanced in this specimen. He should be paying it back, even though it was a mistake he had it in the first place.

Gee wouldn’t it be nice if every grandparent was subsidised to go see the grand-kids. What a fuckwit! He should have just STFU and paid it back and stayed on the down low.

I think he might find out that the “smart alec” he is so upset with is The Speaker.