Andrew Williams should quit the race

Andrew Williams is a disgrace. He has sprayed all over the internet, tried to get the Police to investiogate me, tried to bully the returning Officer in having me struck off the ballot paper and now he is defaming me. Not only that he has tried ti have council officers investigate people he thinks may be connected to me. The man is a disgraceful bully, a drunk and a clown.

On his defamatory Facebook post, made under his title of Mayor Andrew Williams and sporting references to the North Shore City Council some voters are starting to take exception. One has made a carrer suggestion for Andrew Williams.

Andrew Williams gets a career suggestion

Andrew Williams gets a career suggestion

Hopefully in just 7 days the voters of Albany will have done their duty and consigned this clown to electoral oblivion. The only way to do that is to Vote Slater in Albany Ward.

Andrew Williams practicing "Would you like fries with that?"

Andrew Williams practicing "Would you like fries with that?"


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  • Agent BallSack

    Cam, who wins in a pissing contest? The person with the most piss or the longest stream? His facebook is probably not as open as this blog so I think theres a wee (no pun intended) slice of pot vs kettle here. It seems all is fair in love, war and politics.

  • adolffiinkensein

    But but but but he couldn’t work at McDonalds. It’s not licenced.

  • Agent ball sack I would just like to point out that Wo has no problem with being called names by the Mad Mayor or of being held to account for things he has actually done.

    If Wo peed on a tree in public and the Mad Mayor went on and on about it that would not be defamatory just irritating.
    If the Mad Mayor accused Wo of being a Clown or Mad then that is just name calling and is not telling lies and yes all is fair in war and politics when it comes to name calling and being held to account.

    HOWEVER if WO accused the Mayor of for example cheating on his taxes with not a shred of evidence but just the feeling that because he is such a clown he is also a crook THEN that is a lie and defamatory.

    Attempting to run for council ( a part time job ) is not evidence of the ability to hold down a full time job or a cure. It is evidence of a man trying bloody hard to get well despite the odds.
    When your insurance company cuts you off despite all your doctors saying that you are still unfit to work you have two choices. Poverty for the rest of your life or attempt to earn money WELL or NOT. We have had enough of poverty. If WO manages to get well as well, that will be a bonus.

    There is a ‘WEE ‘difference I think.

  • gazman

    Hang in there Spanish Bride. WO has worked extremely hard this campaign, turned up to all the candidate meetings that he was invited to, actually come up with some innovative ideas and impressed many members of the public who turned out to the meetings. He deserves to do well. Vote Slater for Albany.

  • Agent BallSack

    Spanishbride….I like Whales politics his honesty and I admire his ethics! What I would hate to see is people turning off due to his concentrating on the person not the policy.
    When gutter journalism is employed we hate it, and I would like to see Cam concentrate his considerable energy on the issues involving Auckland, and the epic changes rather that engaging in a hate contest with the clown.

    No disrespect to the whale – but Mayor Williams is a rope around his tail. When he casts that off he will swim much more freely.

  • gaskranken

    Very astute summation of the present political situation there, well done Ball Sack.

    Best political play right now would be to shrug off the Clown and let him eat your dust whilst Cam Slater the candidate zeroes in on some more ways that you are going to keep the buggers honest and when I say zeroes I mean the ones racked up by the councillors they’ve had up until now.

  • gaskranken

    Slater comes before Williams. Slater wins:)