Another Day, Another lie proven false and bullying shown up

If Andrew Williams was a baseball team he’d be batting zero. On the weekend he abused the North Shore Times as unfit to even wrap fish and chips and this morning we see why it doesn’t pay to abuse the fourth estate. In a battle of wits, the mad Mayor is clearly unarmed.

Last week he attacked me and another chap by the name of Gary Holmes. He made all sorts of defamatory claims about Gary in particular and me in general. This week we get to the bottom of his spurious, false and defamatory claims.

North Shore City Council chief executive John Brockies has refused to investigate the reasons for the departure of North Harbour Business Association general manager Gary Holmes.

Shore mayor Andrew Williams requested the investigation after raising questions about Mr Holmes’ departure from the organisation.

But Mr Brockies told the North Shore Times he is taking no further action on this matter.

He says the association has told him the mayor’s allegations are “utterly groundless”.

Mr Williams issued a media release last Monday alleging the reasons for Mr Holmes’ resignation were of a financial nature.

He also accused Mr Holmes of “covertly” assisting blogger Cameron Slater who is standing against the mayor in the Albany ward.

Mr Holmes says the allegations are untrue and he left the association “after a divergence of views on processes and the way forward”.

Business association chairman Graham Boult confirmed Mr Holmes’ comments.

Knock, knock, can I hear the process server at the door. Undeterred though Angry Andrew, the Clown of Campbells Bay continues the defamation;

Mr Williams stands by his statements despite the chief executive’s refusal to investigate.

The man is a drunk fool. Even his most loyal of the A Team are deserting him.

Voters in Albany can rid themselves of the Clown by Voting?for Cameron Slater, Keeping the Buggers Honest.

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest