Game on in Te Atatu

Chris Carter has been given the arse from Labour.

Labour leader Phil Goff says he has nothing to hide after disgraced MP Chris Carter threatened to expose the secrets of his former colleagues in an attempt to save his tattered political reputation.

“What he does is up to him. I have no skeletons in my closet. I’m not particularly worried about it,” Mr Goff said.

Labour Party president Andrew Little revealed today that Mr Carter had threatened to disclose the private information of other Labour MPs if expelled from the party.

Mr Carter, the MP for Te Atatu, was expelled by Labour’s national council after a lengthy hearing last night.

During the meeting Mr Carter threatened to disclose private information about unnamed Labour MPs if he was expelled, Mr Little said.

”He just said he had a lot of information on a lot of individuals in the caucus and that he wouldn’t hesitate to disclose that if it suited him to do so,” Mr Little said.

”That threat was clear, but we couldn’t be persuaded by that threat. It’s not a very persuasive argument.”

Mr Goff said Chris Carter was a sideshow and the party had moved on.

Goff is toughing it out, but let’s see the dirt file.  Are there any, for example, senior Labour MPs who are themselves hiding behind name suppression? That would be a bit hypocritical considering all the public statements about David Garrett.

Phil Goff looks the winner so far but the constant distraction of Carter and now Te Atatu will be whittling away any semblance of strength Phil Goff has, which is precious little.


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  • jamegumb

    Don’t ya’ luv this shit! It just keeps on giving. So Chris has threatened to “disclose private information about other Laboor MPs”. Excellent!! Lets hope Phil has nothing to hide – in the words of that classic old quote: ‘Keep your friends close, and your enema’s closer’

  • cadwallader

    The problem with this new alleged bestseller is that anything about Goff would be as boring and bland as he is. I doubt I’ll be awake by the foot of the first page.

    If Koru Club has anything of substance beyond his effeminate hissy-fits it may be diverting, but as Labour is history, does it really matter?

  • orange

    So when Helen Clark gave her final speech as PM and spoke so elequently about how the country was “going to burn” without her, she was actually talking about the Labour party burning?

  • Doug

    Chris will release his book TXT by TXT will be fun watching the fallout.

  • toby

    Go on, Carter. Stop talking and do it. I dare you. I DOUBLE DARE YOU, MOTHERFUCKER!

    Let’s see if you have the guts.

  • kehua

    Hell hath no fury like a pissed off poof polly.

  • navygreg

    I have good close friends who are lesbian and/or gay…I have no issue with that.Chris Carter ,you are a tosser, fuck off now and save the taxpayer your salary and airfares etc

  • mintles3

    ROTFLMAO ‘Keep your friends close, and your enema’s closer’
    Got a picture of Goff lying on the bed, hose up his backside trying to get the ‘shit’ away before Carter exposes it all. Ha, thanks for that jamegumb, nice way to start my day!

  • gaskranken

    The cartoon in the dimpost today. Had the queen frothing and screeching, declaring `it’s because you’re homophobic’ and this old geezer crouched over 1 of the 3 volumes on his desk reading out loud, `dribbling spittle, wearing loud vulgar shirts on tropical islands, conducting celine dion sing-a-longs on the party bus trips,’ and on the spines was written, `reasons for arsing carter out of the party’

    Well nailed once again by Tom Scott.