He was doing so well

Phil Goff was doing so well. He has shown himself to be a strong leader in seeing off petulant poof Chris Carter and then he announced Labour’s “One Strike” policy for people who police in vehicles. But now he has dropped his strong man act, making one believe that it was an act all along. He has angered the Police Association and gone against a survey that show 60% of people support the stance of arming police officers.

Phil Goff was met with fury when he addressed the Police Association this morning and declared his stance on the arming of police officers

Fury from the Police Association this morning at Labour leader Phil Goff’s stance on the arming of police officers.

During a speech to the association this morning, Mr Goff, supported the idea of locked boxes in every police car, but doesn’t want all officers armed.

That’s in line with the government’s position – but Association members angrily questioned Mr Goff on how many officers have to die before he will support arming all officers.

Mr Goff says he hasn’t yet seen a case for that .

He wants to see evidence that police carrying guns at all times in America and Australia have actually made them, and the public safer.

If he is looking for evidence he should look, not to Australia or the US but to Singapore. no one shoots cops in Singapore. The evidence is there before him.

Phil Goff is in a fight for his political survival. He needs to not only act and talk tough, but be tough as well. Matthew Hooton alludes to this in his NBR article (sadly not online, had to go raid the Bucklands Beach Dairy for a copy).

He surmises that a cabal of plotters are indeed working to unseat Goff from his lacklutre leadership of Labour. Ironically his leadership has come into play as a result of Len Brown’s campaign in Auckland.

Until the weekend, Labour seemed unwilling to imagine it could restrict Mr Key to a singleterm. The party’s alternative leaders seemed happy to sit back, let Mr Goff take the fall andplan for their turn in 2014.

David Cunliffe, David Parker, Trevor Mallard and Shane Jones now see the primeministership as in play. The last thing they need is for Mr Goff to triumph in 2011, secure apublic mandate and destroy their dreams of ever making the top job.

I’m not sure that Hooton is right about the involvement of Mallard but I can certainly see the involvement of Jones and Cun(t)liffe as potential leaders, with Parker running the numbers quietly in the backgrounf. Trevor Mallard could be used by them to have a strong word with lingering doubters.

Which brings us to Mr Jones. Just as Mr Brown was ridiculed after his head-banging incident, Mr Jones suffered public humiliation from his penchant for porn. But time heals, and Mr Jones is the latest manifestation of the Maori leader who can appeal across racial lines. He’s the Labour man business thinks it can work with.

Moreover, his ambition is great, having been the golden child of his hapu from the day he was born.

Jones though would need the help of the likes of Charles Chauvel to help deliver the the rainbow wing of caucus. Is it any wonder then that Charles Chauvel is busily distancing himself for the squealing of Chris Carter. With Andrew Little not yet in parliament, and marooned hoping to win New Plymouth, the plotters need to move to unseat Goff quickly.

All this explains nicely his appearance of being tough, an appearance he dropped in opposing the Police Association request for officers to be armed.


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  • grasshopper

    Goff’s gone all soft again, NZ’ers need to wake up, there are hardened criminals out there with their brains fried on P which is as good as legalised in this country, armed with guns to protect themselves from other thugs or used for debt collection procedures. I don’t think it’s a good idea taking a knife to a gun fight. The police need to take these guys on, on a level playing field, if they know the police have guns these gangsters are less likely to play silly buggars. These gangsters are real tough when they have a gun in their hands.

  • reid

    Yeah well while the Police Association say the arms-race argument is a myth that’s not the point.

    Arming police crosses the Rubicon in that it admits NZ is not the same place we all grew up in. That’s not something people take lightly and IMO we’re a long way away from most people believing it’s necessary.

    Collins I think is leaning that way, it probably helps when her husband is (or was?) a cop, lots of inside thinking coming out in her policy moves, most of it’s very good indeed.

    However this is one of those real wisdom issues for it has potential to change fundamental attitudes and once you’ve done it you won’t be able to return. It’s an interesting question.

  • overthehill

    Before you go getting all wet & gushy over having armed cops in the streets (and bearing in mind that they have proved they can’t hit a barn door from 10 paces as we saw with Halatau Naitoko and Jann Molenaar), think about who commissioned this survey you are spouting the 60% support figure from, and what the questions were (seeing as you find the Labour poll question so leading). Sounds like some vote mongering from Krusher Kollins hoping to attract the rabid right & the gun nuts to me.

  • Arm them yes but they MUST have red dots so the offender will realise that they really SHOULD stop when the nice cop says so.

    A red dot on your chest would have to be a very powerful deterrent though I guess a P addict wouldn’t care. A high powered SUPER Tazer should be specially made for that particular brand of mad person.

    You cannot arm Police however unless you back that up with regular training sessions at a rifle range. Not motionless targets either but proper pop up people etc so they are trained to think before they shoot ie identify the target just as hunters should never shoot at movement alone.

    We have technology now so that that they can train using simulations as well which will save on amo.

  • reid

    “A red dot on your chest would have to be a very powerful deterrent…”

    Yeah but only half of us can see our chests.

    I like the Metalstorm solution. Good shares BTW. They make weapons like minefields that activate only upon enemy contact.

    They’ve also developed a police weapon with a personal identifier so it can’t be fired other than by the owner and also has stun and lethal setting plus an audio to tell the “perp” it’s changing modes.