Labour's crocodile tears over foreign investment

Labour has announced that they don’t want dirty foreigners investing in New Zealand. They really mean Chinese but are too afraid to say that.

Labour has made a dramatic turnaround on its foreign investment policy, and now says it will turn down big land sales to overseas buyers except in exceptional circumstances.

Party leader Phil Goff said yesterday a Labour government would welcome foreign investment, but it would have strict controls on it and strings attached.

“Labour will reverse the current approach to overseas sales of land,” he said at the party’s annual conference in Auckland.

“Instead of the overwhelming majority of farm sales being approved, the overwhelming majority will be declined.”

So what Labour has really said is that all those farmers who are in their 60s getting ready to off-load their lifetimes work onto the the open market can really only sell to their broken -arsed children who haven’t a cent in savings, or other New Zealanders who are likewise broken-arsed.

This country has an appalling savings record and if ma and pa farmer down on the land want to realise a lifetime of living virtually tax-free and then cashing in by selling to the highest bidder they sure as hell won’t be wanting Labour’s draconian approach to foreign investment.

The real hypocrisy of Labour’s stance though is the sheer audacity of trying to ping the current government for the policy initiatives of the past.

During its nine years in power, Labour allowed 650,000ha to be sold; in 20 months National has approved the sale of 31,000ha.

Phil Goff for all ofd that time sat around the cabinet table approving all those sales, as did David Cunliffe. Phil Goff additionally was Trade Minister for most of that time touting investment to overseas buyers. Now all of a sudden we are expected to believe he was agaisnt all that.

The party that screeched the most about Paul Henry and his racism is the party now proposing the most racist of all?investment?policies. The xenophobia exhibited by this venal little crew of jealous broken-arses is astonishing.