My First Te Reo – whakakeke, h?ng?


Cris and Cru Kahui are hangu

Cris and Cru Kahui are h?ng? now.

(verb) to refrain from speaking, be silent, sulk.


(stative) be dumb, quiet, incommunicative, not talkative, silent, taciturn, passive.

Modern usage:

The whanau wishes Cris and Cru would be?h?ng?.

The wh?nau wants someone to make Cris and Cru h?ng?.

The Police want to know what happened to Cris and Cru but the whanau has elected to remain?whakakeke.

Maori leaders want New Zealand to save their language but remain whakakeke on the appalling?statistics?of the abuse of their tamariki.