My first Te Reo – Whiu


1. (verb) (-a) to toss, throw, fling, drive (animals, etc.), herd, put, place, wield.


(verb) to throw.

Modern usage:

See Uncle Wiremu whiu Baby Nia.

He sends her through the air.

He is korowhiu her now.

He whiu her on the roof.

He has korowhiu her in the dryer.


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  • lance

    Wow Cam. Once again you are pushing that envelope with your gritty, in your face style. I don’t know where it comes from. By far the cleverest man in the room as per usual. You must have a sore hand from patting yourself on the back so much!


    • lulu

      Lance I have a question: why do you bother to read WOBH?

      In anticipation of your witty insightful reply I would make the following observation: he doesn’t write to please you. Maybe you would be better off just not reading him.

      • lance

        I read it because I enjoy a good proportion of the articles (it has dropped somewhat lately though).

        Why would I be better off not reading it?

        Do you think only people who agree with everything written here should be allowed to comment? That would make all blogs a lot less interesting.

        Very odd post Lulu. Not sure why you bothered? Perhaps you would be better off not reading my posts?

  • tadpole

    I hate that picture. When ever I see it I wonder where was the person who took the time clean and dress baby Nia up and take her picture when she needed them the most?

    I bet they ask themselves the same question.