R. Grimwood will be buggered off with this decision

A busy-body, uptight loser ?has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about my election signs. To quote her;

The outdoor billboard advertisement read “Keeping the Buggers Honest VOTE SLATER”. There was a photo of an evil looking shark in the top left corner of the advertisement, and in the bottom right corner smalltext with an authorisation statement”

Complainant R. Grimwood, said that the use of a sexual term in a public place was gratuitous and inappropriate.

Well bugger me! I’ve never had anyone confuse a?killer whale (Orcinus orca) with a “evil looking shark”, you would think a Green candidate would know the difference wouldn’t you? She should stick to working with homeless people rather than wasting copious amounts of natural resources complaining about election signs. Trees died for her whinging.

Here is?a video of a Orca v. Shark

UPDATE: It seems R. Grimwood is the partner of Neil Miller, the candidate who wrote letters to the editor of the Rodney Times about my awesome signs.

Loyal readers will note that I have ignored the instructions from the ASA as well. If you don’t want me to release something about me before the 20th then don’t send it to me until the 20th. It might be useful for the ASA to get with the programme with technology and instead of slaughtering countless trees on?frivolous?complaints they could have emailed me a pdf.

Advertising Standars Authority v. Whaleoil