Rich, Elitist Americans OK, Rich Chinese Bad

Maurice Williamson said that Kiwis are racist when it comes to land investment and from the latest news it would seem he was dead right. Rich, elitist, Americans are just fine for investing in our farms.

The sale of Maniototo’s Big Sky Dairy Farm to Harvard University’s wealthy endowment fund for more than $28 million has been approved and ratified.

The farm was proposed in 2001 to become New Zealand’s first super dairy farm, running up to 6000 cows on 1600ha using supplementary feed but was placed into liquidation in 2009.

Big Sky receiver Murray Frost confirmed on Saturday that the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office had approved the sale to the US buyer, allowing the sale to be ratified two weeks ago.

It has been renamed Dairy Farms Partnership.

“It’s been a slow process getting OIO approval, but I feel happy now that we have reached this conclusion,” Mr Frost said.

“The property sold for a very fair price and all the secured creditors have been paid out.”

There would be no payment to the unsecured creditors.

Harvard is the world’s wealthiest university and already owns substantial forestry and farming assets in New Zealand, including another 450ha Maniototo farm which it has converted to run 1100 dairy cows.

Company reports suggest that by combining the output of both farms it should be possible to produce 1.8 million kilograms of milk solids annually.

And where is the outcry, the anguish and the marches in the streets, more importantly where is the press releases from Phil Goff opposing this land deal? Where are the leftwing lap-bloggers in howling in outrage that our land has been sold to foreigners. Deafening silence.

Nowhere is where, because it is ok to bash Chinese investment and perfectly ok for anyone else to buy up farms in New Zealand just so lok as they aren’t Chinese.

This deal is about half the size of the Crafar Farms deal as proposed by Natural Dairy, Crafars produce about 3,900,000 kgMS and Harvard’s new conglomerate will produce 1.8 million kgMS. Theorretically we should see about half the outrage, but in fact we are seeing none.

This can mean only one thing, elitist, rich Americans and their?university?endowment fund are ok for investment in New Zealand land and Rich Chinese are just bad, full stop.

So while the left wing bangs on about Paul Henry being racist, and mount campaigns to get the comedian sacked because he doesn’t fit their world view of group think, they?conveniently?ignore the inherent racism of their protests about foreign ownership of land, protests that only seem to rise when it is Chinese investment.