So fatties are off the mocking list too now

Good grief our country is pathetic. Michael Laws is now in the firing line for suggesting that the Governor-General, Sir Sir Anand Satyanand is a fatty who found and ?never left the buffet table. Hell iI’ve said worse about Pork Chop.

Are Indian’s the new poofs? Seeing outrage in the slightest of jokes even if they aren’t racist, as is the case with Michael Laws.

Radio host Michael Laws has come under fire for calling Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand a “large, fat man” who has “never left” the buffet table.

His bosses at RadioLive have also been slammed – for saying they are comfortable with the remarks.

At least one complaint from a high-profile sporting personality has been laid with the Race Relations Commissioner, Joris de Bres.

De Bres and media commentator Brian Edwards said they were appalled by the crass comments, which lacked good taste and decency.

Where was Joris de Bres after Honest Hone ‘s racist rants? Oh that’s right, Honest Hone’s calling European New Zealanders “white motherfuckers” of “puritanical bullshit” for expecting him to follow the rules in an email exchange was “within his rights“.

The remarks were made by Laws on Monday morning, following the media attention around Paul Henry’s much-reported comments that same day.

Laws laid into Satyanand, saying he was an “unusual-shaped man” who reminded him of the impossibly obese Monty Python character Mr Creosote.

He also likened him to a British actor who played the Agatha Christie creation Hercule Poirot on UK television.

“That reminds me of Anand Satyanand, but Anand Satyanand could never move that quickly. He is a very large, fat man,” he said.

“I don’t know why but just on an Indian it seems slightly incongruous.

“I mean, we don’t all expect Indians to be begging on the streets of New Delhi, but it’s like Anand discovered the buffet table at, like, 20 and he’s never really left it.”

Good grief, I said exactly the same thing about Pork Chop. This country has become overly sensitive, but it is only going to get worse, especially in Auckland with the win of Len Brown.

There is something seriously wrong that jokes are not allowed to be told. It is pretty hard to find any jokes that don’t offend someone in the slightest way.