Some Clarification

The repeaters at the NZ Herald announced this morning the following;

Right wing blog?Whale Oil backed a limit of 50mg, or 0.05g, per 100ml of blood, saying the current limit is allowing drunk people onto the roads.

This is factually incorrect.

The blogger known as Blondie made those comments in HER post on Whale Oil Beef Hooked.

For the record and for clarification I do not support the NZ Herald campaign for two drinks max. I think it is actually a lame, populist campaign that is not backed by any empirical evidence to support their stance. I don’t believe that lowering the limit will remove drunks from the road. People who drive drunk simply don’t care what the limit is, usually being far above the limit int he first place.. Lowering the limit as the Herald suggests will simply give Police mroe revenue gathering powers and criminalise people who are?perfectly?ok to drive.

While Blondie may get trolleyed on two drinks, for me at 100 kgs, two drinks, no matter what beverage is hardly going to have any effect on me making the?Herald?campaign farcical….unless they clarify it to “Two Drinks Max, especially if you are a hot blonde”, or maybe “Two Drinks Max for people with bodies like half sucked throaties”

Cactus Kate has made her stance clear. For the record Cactus Kate doesn’t drink and drive, she drinks and drinks and then lets the cab driver drive, paying him handsomely in the process.

I am also quite sure that the Herald has been more than a little disingenuous with how they repeated David Farrar’s stance as well.

I don’t support their stupid campaign. It would be nice if the repeaters could read by-lines.