Trust your future to a union? Yeah Right.

The graph says it all from Stuff’s online poll.

Unions destroy Kiwi jobs

Unions destroy Kiwi jobs

The biggest destroyers of wealth, business and jobs are the CTU and their hangers on.

As tis country struggles to climb out of recession the unions are trying their best to derail genuine, non governmental investment in our future.

Unions and Labour, who relies on the unions, should be treated with utter contempt.

In October we have seen unions lobby to have an employee sacked at state owned TVNZ and now they have essentially destroyed the hard work of many thousands of workers over the years to build a viable industry.

It is time for genuine electoral reform abolishing the ability for any organisation to have anyone other than natural persons as their members. The unions are holding this country to ransom yet again, and they are doing to help the Labour party.