TVNZ denying breach

Throng has reported that TVNZ is denying they breached name suppression in the Daljit Singh case.

They are either very dumb or think they can get away with it. I’m picking they think they can get away with it.

But the really should read?Judge Harvey’s judgment, because they really have no excuse and simply saying they didn’t do it doesn’t mean that is the case.

I got convicted of naming two people by showing pictograms that some people still can’t work out who. TVNZ showed not only his name, but also a photo of the man. If my convictions stand then they are hung just as bad.

I bet the Police don’t prosecute, they will say that he has been named anyway. And if that is the case then it will show the double standards that exist. I was charged and found guilty of naming Michael Dobbyn, his name suppression was dropped later as well.

TVNZ breaches name suppression

TVNZ breaches name suppression