At least he didn't get name suppression

A child-sex offender who believes giving a DNA sample would condemn him to eternal damnation wants an exemption from inclusion on a national police database.

David Hugh Chord, 37, appeared before Judge Peter Butler in Wellington District Court on Friday for a hearing to decide whether he will have to provide a DNA sample for a national database.

Chord is a Christian and believed that, if his DNA was taken, he would be given the “mark of the Beast” and damned for eternity, his lawyer, Michael Bott, said.

Chord is serving two years and nine months in prison after pleading guilty to six counts of an indecent act on a young person, and one of an indecent act on a child last year.

So according to this lovely example of humanity and christian… fucking children is ok, but giving your DNA to the cops will give you the mark of the beast and result in eternal damnation…. lovely….it’s a wonder he didn’t apply for name suppression also.