C**t of the Year – Michael Laws

He says now that he was joking. I don’t for a minute think this weak, pathetic individual was joking. What I find apalling is he has continued to attack people that she sees as having mental health issues, all during Movember. He undoes all the hard work people like Mike King and John Kirwan have done to get people toi understand that people with mental illness are people just like you and me, just they struggle with some aspects.

Michael Laws - C**t of the Year

Michael Laws - C**t of the Year

Michael Laws is a coward and a bully, and a coward and bully of the worst kind, picking on people who are struggling at the best of times. Of course, he could just be talking about himself given the vast amount of time he consumes inhabiting Facebook along with his little fan club of felchers.

It is also ironic that he scoffingly talks of straight-jackets and people with mental illness when he himself has written about his issues and his flirting with suicide.

have, twice, seriously considered suicide as the most rational reply to adversity.

In the first instant, it was as a lovelorn teenager in the first year of university studies and after being dumped by my then girlfriend. It was a measure of both my insecurity and my anguish that this relationship break-up prompted such self-destructive thoughts.

Having made the decision to end it all ? with as much melodrama as I could muster ? my next problem was, how? By the time I’d resolved that issue, I had discovered that a combination of testosterone and the welcoming smile of another had carried me over the abyss….

The media, for example, deliberately restricts itself from reporting any of the salient details relating to a suicidal death. Their fear ? pressed upon them by public health officials ? is that talking about suicide will provoke more copycat victims.

Nonsense. Indeed to use such logic, let’s stop talking about road deaths, mental illness, welfare dependence and criminal offending. There will, of course, be dramatic reductions in antisocial and destructive activities all because we choose to ignore them.

Because, sometimes, suicide is so damned rational and right. Or so it seems.

It certainly was when I was in the child oncology ward of Starship Children’s Hospital two years ago. When I was informed that my daughter Lucy was likely to die, my world dissolved. I could see no point to existence if she were not a part of my life.

And I also started thinking of death from the perspective of Lucy. When she dies (the “if” seemed to have been removed from the equation) then where does she go? Are the rationalists right, nowhere? Or are the Christians and popular culture on the right track to think she would walk off into the light somewhere?

All I knew is that I did not want my golden girl to walk there alone. I would have gone too: I knew that then, and I know that now.

It makes no sense, it seems, to write those words in August 2010. But they made perfect sense in February 2008. And I was a sane man.

Well, we can know that all that waffle is just bullshit, from a bullshit artist, intent only on self promotion at the expense of others. No “sane” person contemplates suicide. Even if the “insanity” is temporary, it is still insanity that one can see that a permanent solution to a temporary problem is a good idea.

It is for this reason that Michael Laws is this years C**t of the Year.

If you care more about people suffering with mental health issues then you can donate to Movember and help us ignore the Michael Laws of this world. One more word of advice for Michael, as I know he reads the blog. NFWAB.

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