I thought he was going to sue me?

Silly me, I thought Terry the Piss was going to sue me for saying he was a broken arse. Turns out I was right. He is much more engaged fighting off IRD than protecting his “reputation” of not being a slow bill payer.

Phoenix fans are anxious Terry Serepisos’ financial woes will only impact further on the struggling side’s on-pitch performance.

Fans have taken to the Yellow Fever support club’s online forums to express their distress after it was revealed owner Serepisos owes more that $3.5m to the tax department.

The IRD has filed court action to liquidate five of Serepisos’ companies – including Century City Football, owner of the Phoenix.

And Terry the Piss trots out his favourite excuse.

The largest sum ? more than $1.5m ? is owed by Century City Football for PAYE tax deductions, GST and KiwiSaver contributions.

Four other companies from the Century City group owe between $400,000 and $804,000 each, according to court papers filed by Inland Revenue.

The department served statutory demands on the companies in late September requiring payment within 15 days and warning that if this was not made it would apply for liquidation.

Formal proceedings to apply for liquidation were filed with the High Court on October 20 and the application will be heard on December 13.

Serepisos acknowledged yesterday that he had a tax liability but expected it to be resolved in the next few weeks.

A written statement said Century City had been in discussions with IRD “for some time” about a tax liability.

“An arrangement is in place between Century City and Inland Revenue to address the matter before the end of the year.

“Notwithstanding this arrangement, Inland Revenue is following normal legal procedure in regards to this liability and Century City is confident the matter will be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties in the coming weeks.”

A spokesman for Inland Revenue declined to comment on the proceedings against Serepisos’ companies, saying “we can’t comment on individual taxpayers affairs”.

With Terry the Piss those arrangement have a habit of stretching to months if not years. Meanwhile ORD hunts down another tax debtor far harder and with much stronger language than that used for Terry the Piss.

Crafar farm deal frontwoman May Wang has claimed more than $30 million in GST refunds for companies of which she is the director, a court heard yesterday.

Wang is fighting Inland Revenue’s attempt to bankrupt her over a $1.3 million debt it is owed after the collapse of her property development company the Dynasty Group.

Inland Revenue lawyer Nick Malarao said yesterday that the recession could not be blamed for all Wang’s commercial failings. Apart from her problems as a property developer, she also failed at property investment and film producing.

Wang owes several creditors millions from the collapse of the Dynasty Group. Most of those creditors have voted in favour of a creditors’ proposal to pay them 6.5c in the dollar.

But the IRD believes allowing her to continue normal business activity will put the public at risk.

They refuse to comment on on Terry the Piss’s individual tax affairs but May Wang is now supposedly public enemy number one and the public is at risk? What is she doing, walking around with a machine-gun? A machete?

Is this a case of a government desperate to find any reason whatsoever to ditch a deal that it is using the long arm of many government departments to beat up on anyone associated with the Crafar deal.

Surely the rules should apply equally to all taxpayers affairs. It seems if you are a slow paying dodgy Greek property developer you get complete privacy but if you are a slow paying dodgy Chinese property developer you are a risk to the public.