It's Not Ok

I have refrained from commenting on Jonathan Marshall’s ill advised article about our SAS Troops fundraising for their NZSAS Trust.

I think bloody good on them. They do the hard stuff, our governments put them in harms way and they are looking after their own. They have to because we don’t.

But I am heartily sick of Labour’s politicking over this.

Basically they are saying It’s Not Ok to fundraise for a charity supporting families, but it is ok to send SAS troops to Iraq and to Afghanistan.

Before any lickspittle Labour lap-blogger argues otherwise, the facts are simple, they did, and the photos and documents exist to prove it.

Labour are hypocrites, plain and simple. They put these guys in harms way and then they carp about them raising some funds for their families.

I reckon the SAS should do more of this and start by putting a few Labour MPs like Hodgson in the kill room for practice.