The old Goff-Father is nervous

Phil Goff,?affectionately?called the old “Goff-Father” by the more?moronic?of his followers, is nervous about Mana.

Well he should.

He thought that parachuting a person in like Mt Albert would work the same way. It hasn’t. Especially as on a daily basis Kris Fa’afoi is being shown up as a lightweight, a liar and a flake. Goff has to wear that as Fa’afoi was his man.

I don’t think Labour, Goff or any sensible commentator thinks that Fa’afoi is in danger of losing, it is just a question of how well he wins.

The?prophetic?lame-ass auction of theirs is seeming to come true. Things are getting worse for Kris Fa’afoi but I don’t think they are as dire as the old Goff-Father would like us to believe.