The troughers want a bigger trough

Penny Hulse and other troughers elected to the new council are whinging about their pay.

Greedy Little Piggy - Penny Hulse

Greedy Little Piggy - Penny Hulse

Deputy mayor Penny Hulse said on the basis of workload and expectations, her 20 fellow ward councillors were underpaid.

“The pay scales treat us as though we are members of small boards. They do not recognise the jobs we have been given.”

“They have been set by people who don’t recognise the job we do, how much work or time is involved.”

She said she wasn’t sure what an appropriate salary was, and although they shouldn’t be the same as MPs, “our jobs are similar”.

She was willing to settle into the job, but wants salaries reviewed.

Her comments were supported by North Shore councillor George Wood, who said he was “surprised” by the remuneration levels.

“That it’s at the level it is has surprised me, given the work we are expected to do. But given we are the first cut, so to speak, we will just have to wear it,” he said.

“This is something the Remuneration Authority will have to look at.”

Waitemata and Gulf councillor Mike Lee said the salary was “not sufficient”.

“It’s meant to be a super city. The council is meant to undertake the responsibilities of what was a regional council and a city council, but that is not reflected.”

This is what happens when you elected old duffers and pinkos. They always want a bigger suck of the sav. Poor old George Wood looks confused, ho on earth can he express surprise at the remuneration levels? As for Mike Lee and Penny Hulse, well they are just pinko troughers looking for more public money to wallow in.

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide rubbished the request, saying that if councillors didn’t like the pay they shouldn’t have stood, since salaries were announced three months before the election.

In June the Remuneration Authority announced the new mayor would receive $240,000, and councillors an $80,000 base rate, with more allocated to committee chairs, though the exact amount is unclear.

So no surprises there then, except for poor old George.

Whau councillor Noelene Raffills also considered the salary low, but said she didn’t put herself forward for money.

But Howick councillor Jami-Lee Ross disagreed, warning his colleagues, some with business incomes, to resist being greedy. “We knew what the salaries would be before we put ourselves forward, so why would we now ask for more?”

Good to see some councillors can see the bleeding obvious. Haven’t seen a pinko councillor though with similar perspicacity.

No wonder Len Brown was under pressure from the pinko councillors to have 55 committees. All the more meetings to fill up the trough with ratepayer cash.

I think with a spendthrift Mayor and a whole bunch of pinkos on the council we should be vigilant on how they propose to spend our money. The warning signs are already there, that though there will be no credit cards, the Deputy Mayor looks to be establishing some nice expense accounts for the councillors.


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  • kevin

    Matt McCarten is quite correct in saying ‘Idiots rule at poll booths’ in his NZ Herald piece today. He was on an Obama crusade, but the same rule applies in Auckland it would seem.

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  • spiker

    Well that didn’t take long.

  • scanner

    Phuck off slapper, you and all your greedy little piggy pals knew the pay rate before you took on the job, if you don,t like the money stand aside and let someone who wants the job have it, or has the new found cream made the side of the trough to slippery to climb out of.
    This is just the start, the people of Jaffaland are about to start finding out the truth about Loosebrain Len, I just hope they realize the cost before he cashes up all the family silver.

  • The Gantt Guy

    As I said on my FB page recently

    Well done Auckland, you have the mayor and council you deserve

  • paulus12

    I suppose we should have expected these socialist troughers to bitch as soon as they got elected. Typical idiots. Glad I no longer live in Brown Jafaland.

    Did they not know what the remunerations were before the election ??????????????

    Yea!!!!!!! suck it and see.

  • kram

    Taking a leaf out of the troughers book ,I asked for an increase in the amount I said I would make my product for. The buyer said “FUCK OFF” . With summer on the rise I have to wait 6 months to burn the product of my labours for winter warmth instead of just flicking the switch!!

  • titanuranus


  • bobbydelorot

    Leave Woods alone, any person whom Andrew Williams despises deserves his excesses.

    Just think of the money we are saving on bar tabs, he’s also hardly likely to be stopped for drink driving nor demand only to speak to the area commander.