Through Gritted Teeth – Bronze Star to Clayton Cosgrove

It is with some sadness that I feel compelled to award another politician of the week award, and I am definitely?typing this with gritted teeth.

Clayton Cosgrove can’t get in any hits on Judith Collins, basically he has given up in the house, but this comment is worth at least a mention.

Labour’s earthquake recovery spokesman, Clayton Cosgrove, said his party had agreed to support the act in return for concessions on additional scrutiny of proposed orders and subsequent more formal consideration by the regulatory review committee.

Mr Cosgrove, whose Waimakariri electorate includes some of the worst-hit areas in Christchurch and to the north, said criticism that Labour had handed the Government a blank cheque by supporting the legislation was not justified.

“There’s been a lot of latte-drinking people who have the luxury to contemplate the constitutional niceties. That’s wonderful if you’re not digging sewage out of your own home.”

If he had used the word sh*t instead of sewage then he would have got a full blown Politician of the Week. This time, because it is Clayton Cosgrove and the?omission?of an expletive means it can only be a Bronze Star award for?politician?of the week.