Tweetchers Tweeting about National Standards

First up Labour candidate for East Coast Bays Viv Goldsmith. There really is no doubt that opposition to National Standards is Labour/Union led. Also worth noting the illiteracy from someone so implacably opposed to national standards.

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Then there is Kevin Bush, Principal of Te Hihi School near Auckland. He is also on the executive of the NZ Principals Federation (The Principals Union). Once again it is clear that the only solution for these principals and tweetcher is NO National Standards.

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Then there is Jane Danielson the Deputy Prinicpal of Willowbank School in Botany Downs, Auckland.

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  • marybelle

    If it weren’t for the blogs we would never know the truth about what is actually happening behind the scenes in this National Standards boycott and how some teachers and principals of a ceratin political persuasion are trying to sabotage a good standard of education for our NZ children. Phil Goff needs to put a STOP to this behind the scenes Labour action or he will end up looking stupid. Parents want these National Standards and those in the education sector need to wake up and start doing the job they are paid to do. If they don’t like it then leave – from what I have just read in the tweeting and twittering, those above don’t come up to the standard of teacher that I would want for my child! Thank goodness Anne Tolley doesn’t care about what some are saying about her. We need more Anne Tolleys!

  • andrewo

    Now who’d have guessed standards were applicable to education…..?

  • peterwn

    Unfortunately having to attend PPTA and NZEI conferences is one of the less pleasurable duties as a National Minister of Education. They do not show the common courtesy to the Minister as delegates would expect from their pupils. If the Minister does not attend the Minister will cop flak from all sides.

    If PPTA and NZEI do not want the Minister to attend, they should not invite the Minister – its that simple. But they do invte the Minister so they can treat the Minister as an Aunt Sally.

    Perhaps National should make an election pledge that the Education Minister will decline to attend these conferences.

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  • monty